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Antonyms solved Practice Set 11


1. Purposely
A) Half-heartedly      B) Timidly
C) Unintentionally      D) Hesitatingly

2. Shimmering
A) Gloomy      B) Glimmering
C) Refreshing      D) Repining

3. Diffidence
A) Boldness     B) Outspokenness
C) Fluency     D) Obstinacy

4. Contaminate
A) Sanctify      B) Invigorate
C) Taint      D) Purify

5. Conclusive
A) Powerful     B) Indecisive
C) Exclusive      D) Partial

6. Intentional
A) Accidental      B) Undecided
C) Concentrated      D) Broken

7. Repel
A) Attract     B) Interest
C) Tempt      D) Like

8. Commotion
A) Transmission      B) Tranquility
C) Transparency      D) Transition

9. Laceration
A) Convalescence     B) Recuperation
C) Healing     D) Palpitation

10. Strife
A) War       B) Peace
C) Anger      D) Woe


1. C 2. A 3. A 4. D 5. B 6. A 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. B

Solution with explanation 

3. Option ‘A’ (Boldness). DIFFIDENT = shy and not confident of your abilities; e.g.

You shouldn’t be so diffident about your achievements – you’ve done really well!

5. Option ‘B’ (Indecisive). INDECISIVE = not having a clear meaning or producing a decision

8. Option ‘B’ (Tranquility). TRANQUILLLITY = a peaceful, calm state, without  noise,  violence,  worry, etc.; e.g.

I love the tranquility of the countryside.

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