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Antonyms solved Practice Set 13


1. We should not belittle others’ achievements.
A) praise      B) recommend
C) inspire      D) encourage

2. In ancient India, scholars had no interest in political power or material growth.
A) internal      B) spiritual
C) psychic      D) celestial

3. The new manager of the Bank is urbane in his manners.
A) civilized      B) slow
C) rude        D) foolish

4. He is in the habit of taking a casual leave quite often.
A) futile      B) regular
C) formal      D) systematic

5. He abandoned his family.
A) supported      B) saved
C) pleased      D) encouraged

6. Let us not aggravate the sufferings of the poor.
A) alleviate      B) appreciate
C) abbreviate      D) advocate

7. It was a unanimous decision.
A) uncertain      B) divergent
C) partial      D) discordant

8. Terrorism is a serious hazard to the country.
A) problem      B) chance
C) safety      D) peril

9. Crestfallen he returned as he had never faced such humiliation in the whole of his life.
A) disturbed      B) indignant
C) vainglorious      D) triumphant

10. Every detail of the painting is prominent enough to be seen.
A) negligible      B) trifling
C) insignificant      D) inconspicuous


1. A 2. B 3. C 4. C 5. A 6. A 7.  D 8. C 9. D 10. D

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘A’ (praise). BELITTLE = to make a person or an action seem as if he or it is not important; e.g.

Stop belittling yourself – your work is highly valued.

4. Option ‘C’ (formal). FORMAL = officially sanctioned or recognized

6. Option ‘A’ (alleviate). ALLEVIATE = to make something bad such as pain or problems less severe; e.g.

The drugs did nothing to alleviate her pain.

7. Option ‘D’ (discordant). DISCORDANT = that is not in agreement with something else; e.g.

Discordant opinions prevail even among good judges.

9. Option ‘D’ (triumphant). TRIUMPHANT = having achieved a great victory or feeling very  happy  and proud because of such an achievement

10. Option ‘D’ (inconspicuous). INCONSPICUOUS = not easily or quickly noticed or seen, or not attracting attention; e.g.

At parties, he always stands in a corner and tries to look inconspicuous.

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