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  1. Initial
    A) Commencing B) Terminal
    C) Delayed     D) Disastrous
  2. Detained
    A) Protected B) Dismissed
    C) Released D) Deterred
  3. Flimsy
    A) Healthy B) Strong
    C) Agile D) Wholesome
  4. Adamant
    A) Confused B) Stressing
    C) Indecisive D) Yielding
  5. Autonomous
    A) Self-Government B) Dependent
    C) Defensive D) Neutral
  6. Obstinate
    A) Docile B) Aggravate
    C) Offensive D) Oppressive
  7. Irascible
    A) Cranky B) Choleric
    C) Amiable D) Waspish
  8. Ferocious
    A) Mild B) Sweet
    C) Brutal D) Wild
  9. Terminate
    A) Confine B) Repeal
    C) Commence D) Progress
  10. Despair
    A) Hope B) Sneer
    C) Compliment        D) Irony
  11. Rugged
    A) Hard B) Sturdy
    C) Smooth D) Rough
  12. Quiescent
    A) Ignorant B) Active
    C) Innocent D) Improper
  13. Malleable
    A) Teachable B) Intractable
    C) Manageable D) Pliable
  14. Squander
    A) Spend B) Reduce
    C) Slander D) Skimp
  15. Disavowal
    A) Rebuttal B) Repeal
    C) Approval D) Appeal
  16. Inclement
    A) Radical B) Mild
    C) Harsh D) Tyrannical
  17. Futile
    A) Distinct B) Open
    C) Pleased D) Fruitful
  18. Contemplative
    A) Wistful B) Unreflective
    C) Numbed D) Aroused
  19. Invaluable
    A) Priceless B) Rare
    C) Inestimable D) Worthless
  20. Evade
    A) Invade B) Escape
    C) Shun D) Confront
  21. Unrealistic
    A) Natural B) Visionary
    C) Reasonable D) Actual
  22. Depraved
    A) Great B) Enhanced
    C) Moral D) Prosperous
  23. Meticulous
    A) Slovenly B) Meretricious
    C) Shaggy D) Mutual
  24. Amicable
    A) Cunning B) Shy
    C) Hostile D) Crazy
  25. Clarity
    A) Exaggeration B) Candour
    C) Confusion D) Reserve


1. B 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. B 6. A 7. C 8. A 9. C 10. A
11. C 12. B 13. B 14. D 15. C 16. B 17. D 18. B 19. D 20. D
21. C 22. C 23. A 24. C 25. C

Solution with explanation

16. Option ‘B’ (Mild). INCLEMENT = (of the weather) unpleasantly cold or wet; e.g.

Walkers should be prepared for inclement weather.

18. Option ‘B’ (Unreflective). CONTEMPLATION = serious and quiet thought for a period of time; e.g.

a) She was staring out over the lake, lost in contemplation.
b) The nuns have an hour for silent contemplation every morning.

20. Option ‘D’ (Confront). EVADE = to avoid or escape from someone or something; e.g.

She leaned forward to kiss him but he evaded her by pretending to sneeze.

23. Option ‘A’ (Slovenly). SLOVENLY = untidy and dirty; e.g.

I’ll have to improve my slovenly habits, my mother’s coming to stay.

24. Option ‘C’ (Hostile). HOSTILE = unfriendly and not liking something; e.g.

The Prime Minister had a hostile reception in Delhi this morning.

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