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Antonyms solved Practice Set 9


1. Terminate
A) Confine      B) Repeal
C) Commence      D) Progress

2. Rugged
A) Smooth      B) Coarse
C) Tough      D) Timid

3. Commend
A) Censure      B) Condemn
C) Defy      D) Defame

4. Poverty
A) Prosperity      B) Adversary
C) Adversity      D) Diversity

5. Wholesome
A) Complete      B) Unhealthy
C) Incomprehensible      D) Few

6. Conciliation
A) Dispute      B) Irritation
C) Separation         D) Confrontation

7. Myth
A) Truth      B) Fact
C) Falsehood      D) Story

8. Reluctantly
A) Pleasingly      B) Willingly
C) Satisfactorily       D) Happily

9. Mutilate
A) Instruct      B) Induct
C) Conduct      D) Mend

10. Lament
A) Rejoice     B) Rejuvenate
C) Complain       D) Cry


1. C 2. A 3. A 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. A 8. B 9. D 10. A

Solution with explanation

6. Option ‘D’ (Confrontation). CONFRONTATION = a fight or argument; e.g.

Some couples seem to like confrontation, but Mohit and I hardly ever argue.

9. Option ‘D’ (Mend). MEND = to repair something that is broken or damaged

10. Option ‘A’ (Rejoice). REJOICE = to feel or show great happiness about something

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