1. Mr Sameer 

I joined as SBI PO on March 1st, 2011 and I am from Hyderabad circle, I got selection for PO general and I got posting in rural area, not only me every one who got PO general are posted in rural areas and coming to the salaries we were told in SBI Hyderabad that we will get around 40000 but that is a real fucking false thing.  SBI POs who joined on March 1st 2011 all over India got 22000 as salary and we thought that it was a mistake but after seeing our salary it was true, our take home was Rs 22,000 excluding Income Tax and plus Rs 3,000 for petrol and paper that is total Rs 25000 if tax is not deducted.

And coming to the leased accommodation no house owner will give you house for 6 months or 1 year, so leased accommodation is gone during probation and about 90% of our batch mates are very much dissatisfied about SBI and its HQ practices so don’t believe it and don’t think to become the Chairmen of SBI, it is only one post and it is the fucking job I have ever seen.

And one of the strange thing I saw during my training is people who want to stay in SBI and who praise SBI, are those whose age is around 30 and plus because no other options left to them. North people are the most affected in our batch they have to stay in our circle for 7 years and around 95% of the north candidates who got Hyderabad circle got selection as PO rural, they have to stay in those villages for 7 years.

2. Anand Kumar (June-2011)

Sameer has said right thing yaar… I also joined SBI as PO on 1st march & posted in Gujarat, even here all my batch-mates including me are getting only 21,000 take home salary and 95% of us have got rural posting. It’s heck of a job, so in my view Excise Inspector is far far better than this…

3. Mr JOJO (June-2011)

Hai I am working as PO in SBM, take home salary is 20,000 and 1,060 news paper and 55 liters of petrol allowance, if takes SHA, up to 14,000 we are eligible.

About working time 9.30 am to 8.30 pm including Saturdays. I also depends on your posting location and branch.

4. Ranjan Singh (June-2011)

I was in Canara bank and got selected for SBI and then selected for Central Excise. My experience with Canara Bank for three months was good but if I think for long term then things are sure for worries first is Nature of Job and second is transfer policy.

Job nature totally depends upon branch location and bigger branch means more work and dealing with old employees, and public makes its worst. Got good branch in-charge means less tension and otherwise you be fucked off. Posting at a new place make it even more tough. When I was in Canara Bank in Hyderabad circle after leaving the branch my first thought had come for where to eat and it came daily. I couldn’t make arrangement in my rented house because I was informed that I have to be transferred in next 4 months, so fooding lodging will be always be a big question.

And what to say about the Transfer Policy of bank, even god doesn’t has proper answer about the policy. If you want a good posting (let’s say near to home or city) then you have to be either a girl (1st or 2nd or 3rd time only) or officer union person —- union ke aage pichhe karo aur wo ch….ya banate rahenge.

5. Hari Prakash (June-2011)

I am Hari, was in SBI as assistant for 2 years. I had got home posting, was getting enough to lead a happy and satisfied life, overall was pretty much satisfied, But desire to be an officer was burning inside me, completed my graduation in Jan 2010 and appeared both in SBI PO and SSC Graduate level Exam (CGL). Got selected as SBI PO (rural), had decided if firstly I get Patna or Bengal circle, I will join because I got Bengal circle and therefore joined.

The transfer policy of the bank is not so pleasing, I am presently getting around 22,100 after  deduction of Rs 4500, besides petrol, newspaper etc. Lease house rent, medical benefits, furniture etc. all good. But to work too much for it — at present 10 to 8.30.

But working times depend upon the branch and also the branch manager, but in general 7-9 pm is the exit time…I have also got selected for Excise Inspector and waiting for  the zone allocation, will decide firstly after zone allocation as what to do.

6. Mr Rahul (June-2011)

I don’t know why people choose a non gazzeted job over bank Po as far as the central excise is concerned it takes 15-18 years for just a promotion which is of custom superintendent, even though you will remain junior to Assistant Commissioner which is a gazzeted officer post, for which a central excise inspectors can only aspire in the present situation, only Income Tax Inspector can become Assitant/Deputy/Joint Commissioner of their department in his whole service period.

But in bank PO,there is speedy departmental tests by which you could have even a DGM post in 20 yrs if you performed well in the same. DGM-ZONAL MANAGER (Zone includes a biggest arena). Now you inspector aspirant think, at the end of 20 years you will be either just an Inspector or a Supritendent, but your batch mate will be on at least AGM post which is too a Regional Manager post.

only one thing which will differ you by us is the mind blowing maal. if for money you people leaving bank PO then I won’t comment anything since money is not only an issue in life. Self-satisfaction is also a big thing.

If you people say that bank PO have loads of work and not a single time for his personal life then I would say that he is the budding leader of his bank, if he won’t work at that extent then how will he lead his bank in coming competitive situation.

7. Mr Vaibhav Sharma (June-2011)

I am just sharing my point of view. You will only realize the importance of spending time with you family when you don’t get any. At this time, mostly our vision is blurred with the energy and ambitions that we hold in our self. But when you lose this energy and your ambitions have been achieved, you have time to spend with your family, you suddenly realize that it is too late now. You have missed so many things in life.

I am working as a SAP consultant and earning around Rs. 50,000 per month. But in these 3 years I have realized that there is no substitute for personal life and health. So I will definitely go in favor of SSC jobs even if I do not get a good match.

8. Karn Kumar (June-2011)

Very nice motivational speech but I will leave the bank.

My reasons for the same:

1. I am posted in Kerala being a person from Bihar and I am expecting my posting in Bihar as my rank is 25 in Excise Inspector.

2. Regarding promotions in bank then let me tell you one thing very frankly that everybody who join the bank does’t get the post of DGM or GM. In my opinion AGM, Superintendent, DGM & GM has very less authority compared to Asst. Commissioner and Commissioner. In bank also it is easier job to get promotion up to scale-III, after that situation is very grave. Don’t think whoever joins the bank as PO will become GM.

3. I feel the Govt is gradually going to privatize the banking sector or will make it complete independent body. Actually the Govt. policy is also not clear here.

9. Mr Chandan Dutta (June-2011)

Seven promises before joining bank
1. I have already enjoyed my life in childhood.

2. I love to work on Sundays and holidays.

3. I don’t want to marry before 30.

4. I want to take revenge on myself.

5. I Love to be charge-sheeted any day.

6. I don’t love hair on my head.

7. I love tensions.

On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 12:52 AM, CHANDAN DATTA wrote

Bank employees wage increase 17.5% including pension load for P.F. optees, pushed the attraction of a bank job far behind than that of a central government job, while comparing stress and strain involved between these two. Definitely unemployed will join in bank for employment, but not brains as it used to be happened in the days of Eighties & Nineties. One should observe that the so called wage hike every five years in banks have been quite minimal during the past decade or so whereas in central govt. there has been a quantum jump this time.

As matters stand today the pay package in central govt. is quite high when compared with similar posts in banks. So naturally people who have other choices in hand will not join banks any more. And one should know that in banks now a day’s people have to toil hard even beyond office hours, that too being loaded with heavy risks all the time. In such a condition the present pay package will not attract talents into banks.

“Bankers are doing work like donkeys…they have shouldered the responsibilities of other Govt departments like collection of telephone bills, electricity bills, water bills, distribution of cash and salary at the door steps of institutions, calculation of arrears of pension, distribution of pension.etc…our executives are exploiting staff at operational level in name of deposits/ business…

even a customer of zero balance is exploiting banker in name of customer service..the employee along with branch manager has to touch his feet for bringing a satisfaction letter from him as the complaints are not being closed by the executives without it even though the executive knows that a false complaint has been made by the customer… there are no timings …no holidays…no family life…no staff…no required infrastructure has been provided to him for the given turn over…he is sitting on the heap of explosive …he can’t be spared even for the honest mistakes.”

Bank PO question is certainly tougher than GOI examinations, but it does not mean creams are joining in banks now-a-days. The cut-off percentage in Bank PO is much lower than GOI exams like SSC etc. Talents don’t stick to banks now-a-days. That’s why some banks like PNB etc. already introduced contract bond amounting around one lakh for a three years period on joining of PO. Unions are also mum on this type development.

More over I feel Tax-Asst of SSC is presently better than a Nationalized Bank PO on over all respect. The matrimonial value of a Bank PO drastically has been reduced in society after sixth CPC and 17.5% increase in Ninth BPS. All these observations are from my eight years stay in Government departments and eighteen years completion in a nationalized bank. Thanks.

10. Gaurav Kothari (29.12.2011)

I am fully agree with Chandan Bhaisahab, I am working in ‘Bank of Baroda’. Per employee contribution is almost 15 crore, but our executive is not satisfied with this, they give target to achieve which are almost impossible, they lure employee with higher performance mean good chance of promotion but this is not always true. Bank jobs mean no personal life, they ask to go in market and get business for bank, even your branch covered almost all market opportunity.

Transfer policy of bank is worse, if you want to stay 1500 km from home always then you are welcome in a bank job this is all in the name of bank interest. Good salary and respect and power you should never expect in bank. bank timing for customer is 10 to 4, but mostly this is not occur, after customer hour real bank work is started as statement, proposal, files, credit etc. By it, bank timing is generally extend for 8 to 9 pm. customer and management always exploit employee. Now a days bank job has become like a sales and marketing jobs, without good remuneration.

11. Jitendra Verma (June-2011)

Everyone needs balance between professional and personal life, there had been a period when banks were maintaining such crucial balance but presently they are failed to do so. Moreover, we all know, banks wouldn’t be able to regain their previous image of the same. I find nothing bad to choose 4600 Grade Pay with stagnation over bank PO with speedy promotions.

12. RAJA SEKHAR – Jan 26, 2012

Really what everyone is saying in this thread I completely agree with them because I am also a SBI employee who has experienced all these things. To the fresh job aspirants what I want to say is…….”Bank job suckssssssssssssssssss……….

13. Kapil Agarwal – Oct 16, 2012

Bilkul sahi hai bhaai, main bhi ‘Bank of Baroda’ me officer hun, resign kar diya hai Auditor (CAG) ke liye.

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