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BASICS OF ENGLISH (Types of Sentences)


Here you’ll learn, if sincerity and complete dedication is there, how to understand English well. For that you need to study the following topics, which are specifically written for this very purpose.

TYPES OF SENTENCES (Purpose of Conversation)

This topic is very necessary to be learnt sincerely as it’s very important for us to familiarize ourselves with the terms used here while learning tenses, Active/Passive voice, Direct/Indirect speech, etc.

     We speak or write a sentence:

1. To give a piece of information (ASSERTIVE SENTENCES)

We speak or write sentences mainly to provide some piece of information, e.g.

a) My name is Ravi.
b) Delhi is the capital of India.
c) Mohan is my brother.

2. To seek a piece of information (INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES)

We seek a piece of information by making questions; e.g.

a) What is your name?
b) Do you live in Delhi?
c) Is your mother a housewife?

3. To ask somebody to do something (IMPERATIVE SENTENCES)

We ask somebody to do something by giving an order, making a request or giving a piece of advice; e.g.

a) Give me your pen. (Order)
b) Please bring me a glass of water. (Request)
c) Obey  your parents. (Advice)

4. To express strong feelings (EXCLAMATORY SENTENCES)

Sometimes we express surprise, fear, pleasure, shock or a strong emotion by shouting. We do this by making exclamations; e.g.

a) What a beautiful flower!
b) How pity!
c) What a shot!

5. To give wishes (OPTATIVE SENTENCES)

Sometimes we welcome someone with particular words; e.g.

a) Good morning!
b) Happy Holi!
c) Many happy returns of the day!

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