Does Central Excise Inspector Need to Wear Uniform all the Time?

Does Central Excise Inspector Need to Wear Uniform all the Time?

Please shed some light on the profile of an excise inspector. Do u need to be hand in gloves with smugglers as some have told me. And are u posted in office HQs or in remote locations. And do u need to always wear the uniform because I simply hate it. I don’t want to look like a thanedar (others please don’t get offended as this is a purely personal opinion).

Excise Inspector doesn’t have to be behind the smugglers; he is Preventive Officer (PO) who is supposed to do this job. PO post is in 6 zones and lies at coastal cities only. At rest of the places this is Excise Inspector who has to perform his job and therefore he is also posted at places such as airports. But this posting is on cyclic basis. Smugglers also could be found at such places but generally they are not that hard core.

An Excise Inspector if posted at such places has to be in the uniform all through his duty period normally; but needs not wear the uniform when is posted at other areas. He could be posted at some HQ or areas which are far from it; but they are not rural areas. For other information on this plz make your visit to the forum on job profiles.

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