We have prepared a list of some very hot topics of suggestive essays and letters that could be asked in the descriptive papers of the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) CGL Exam, and the Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level (CHSL) Exam. You are advised to prepare yourself these topics from a standard book or any good quality study notes. If you think there could be some specific topic in this list prepare that also. You are strongly advised to write 1-2 topics of both essays and letters daily and get them checked from an able friend/parent, etc. if you want to evaluate your progress well.


(250 words)

1. Tension on India-China Border

2. Worsening Covid-19 (Carona) Situation in India

3. Jan-Dhan Yojna

4. Demonetization – Advantages and Disadvantages

5. Citizenship Amendment Act

6. How to Curb Black Money

7. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

8. Pollution(Air, Water, Plastic, etc)

9. Should Women have Reserved Seats in Parliament

10. Women Empowerment

11. Removal of Article 370

12. Role of Judiciary in the Country Today

13. My Dream Job

14. The Coalition Politics

15. Ayushman Bharat Yojana

16. Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana

17. The Fight Against Terrorism

18. Plastic Substitutes

19. Media Today

20. Corruption in India

21. Communal Riots

22. Increasing Mobile Craze

23. Traffic rules, Safety and reforms

24. Effect of Online System of Examinations on Cheating

25. The Role of Computers in Everyday Life

26. Indo-Pak Bridges of Peace

27. Joys and Sorrows go Hand in Hand in Life

28. GST and its impact on Indian Economy

29. Sexual Harassment: The Hidden Truth

30. Center-State Relations in India

31. Religion And Politics

32. Criminalisation of Politics

33. Communalism and Casteism are the two sides of the same coin

34. What is wrong with our Education?

35. Socio-economic justice- An unfulfilled dream of India

36. Climate Change: India and the world

37. Road Rage and Democratic Values

38. Bad effects of easy access to Internet

39. Importance of opposition in a democracy

40. Bad effect of Mob Lynching

41. Safety of women in India

42. What ways do you suggest to encourage the usage of public transport among the people?

43. My Idea of a Happy Life

44. Should there be Normalization in Exams



(150 words)

1. Assuming that you are Rohit/Richa and you have been selected as Marketing Manager in a public enterprise and have to join immediately. Write a letter to your boss to extend the date of joining.

2. Assuming that you are Vivan/Garima, write a letter to your younger brother Vivek, highlighting the distinct benefits and shortcomings of online exams.

3. Write a letter to the Municipal Corporation of your city asking them to install a few CCTV cameras in your street telling about their necessity with the advent of daily crimes.

4. Write a letter to your sister warning her about the risks associated with online transactions.

5. Write an application to the editor of the Indian Express requesting him for publication of your article on plastic pollution in their newspaper

6. Write a letter to your younger brother or sister telling him/her to uninstall the mobile application that kills time and also explain to them the potential threats of these applications.

7. Write a letter to Manager of your bank requesting him to approve your education loan.

8. Write a letter to your friend congratulating him for being selected for the Inspector of Income Tax.

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