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Cloze Test Solved Practice Set 16


More importantly, the second voice is one of lamentation as –1– students, wilting under stress and pressure, burn out and even commit suicide in this season, simply because they could not fulfil their parents’ expectations.

The loss of these young, and often bright, people must make us ponder. They have moved up all the way from nursery class –2– high school to fulfil their parents’ ambitions of seeing them grow into engineers, doctors or managers graduating from the so-called top-level institutions in the country. These children must have seen themselves only as exam-cracking ‘achievers’ in order to make –3– parents happy. They lost out on their childhood play and free time; no pranks with their friends and no experience of the simple joy of just being a –4– child. This loss would have led to a narrow vision of human life guided by the all-important value of ‘success’; which is just defined as getting a top job, period. These children, deprived of social –5– and trapped in an artificially developed world, choose death –6– struggle when that world suffers a rude shock with exam results that are less –7– expected.

There is very little recognition that the first voice I talked –8– creates a powerful environment wherein the trait of parents imposing their ambitions on the children becomes dominant. When –9– do not turn out to be as successful as their parents want them to, they fade away. This problem –10– two sides to it: the first is the examination-oriented Indian education system, and the second is competitive and cruel parents.

1.          A) much      B) more       C) many       D) most
2.         A) too      B) in      C) into        D) to
3.         A) their        B) there       C) here        D) its
4.         A) carefree       B) serious        C) selfless        D) weak
5.         A) stigma       B) taboo       C) development        D) nourishment
6.         A) in       B) with        C) without     D) over
7.         A) then       B) than        C) more      D) might
8.         A) about        B) at       C) on       D) out
9.         A) his      B) they        C) her      D) them
10.       A) have       B) was        C) were       D) has

Answer Key

1. C 2. D 3. A 4. A 5. C 6. D 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. D

Solution with explanation

4. Option ‘A’ (carefree). CAREFREE = having no problems or not being worried about anything; e.g.

I remember my carefree student days.

6. Option ‘D’(over). Choose something over something = to prefer one thing more than the other one.

7. Option ‘B’ (than). LESS THAN = not at all; e.g.

He had a less than favorable view of the matter.

NOTE: LAMENTATION = sadness and feeling sorry; e.g.

For all the lamentations that schools do not teach the game, it is still played in some areas.

PERIOD = said at the end of a statement to show that you believe you have said all there is to say on a  subject and you are not going to discuss it any more; e.g.

There will be no more  shouting, period!

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