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Cloze Test Solved Practice Set 17


The last decade has been –1– for management educational development. When the economies of most western countries were –2– in the early 1980’s there were –3– cuts both in corporate training and in higher education. During the boom years of the mid 1980’s there were some –4– in both areas. In the early 1990’s industrialized countries were in the –5– of another severe recession and a –6– retrenchment was to be reasonably –7– throughout the training world. But this has not been the case so far. Many leading companies are –8– their belief in training as the key to future competitiveness and governments are –9– an era of rapid –10– in higher education.

1.          A) dogmatic      B) paradoxical        C) praiseworthy       D) outstanding
2.         A) galvanized          B) developing           C) faltering        D) privatised
3.         A) judicious       B) marginal       C) proportionate        D) severe
4.         A) reactions       B) slashing       C) pro-activity        D) curiosity
5.         A) area         B) grip         C) context      D) mood
6.         A) critical        B) profound       C) slight         D) tough
7.         A) fabricated        B) advocated      C) projected       D) expected
8.         A) asserting        B) rejecting      C) managing      D) criticising
9.         A) establishing       B) encouraging        C) circulating         D) preaching
10.       A) degradation         B) communication       C) exhibition         D) expansion

Answer Key

1. D 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. D 8. A 9. B 10. D

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘D’ (outstanding). OUTSTANDING = exceptionally good

3. Option ‘D’ (severe). SEVERE = something bad or undesirable is big or intense; e.g.

a) Kruti passed out on the floor and woke up blinded and in severe pain.
b) Shortages of professional staff are very severe in some places.

NOTE: Word ANOTHER in ANOTHER SEVERE in the 4th sentence suggests that the word SEVERE is the right choice here.

5. Option ‘B’ (grip). Be in the grip of something = to be experiencing something unpleasant that you have no control over; e.g.

The country is currently in the grip of the worst recession in 20 years.

6. Option ‘A’ (critical). CRITICAL = A critical situation is very serious and dangerous. RETRENCHMENT = a situation in which someone loses their job because their  employer  does not need them; e.g.

The downturn in business has resulted in many retrenchments.

8. Option ‘A’ (asserting). ASSERT = to show belief firmly

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