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Cloze Test Solved Practice Set-2


Tennis is a game that gives one plenty of exercise; it develops –1– of eye and limb and –2– the brain too into –3–. A few sets of tennis keep one physically and –4– fit. But for the indoors, chess is the queen of games. People say chess is a –5– game because only two can play.

1.         A) movement B) swiftness  C) quickness D) agility
2.         A) commands           B) asks           C) signals       D) calls
3.         A) response   B) play            C) work          D) action
4.         A) intellectually       B) emotionally         C) mentally   D) logically
5.         A) selfish       B) mean         C) carefree     D) careless

Answer Key

1. C 2. D 3. D 4. C 5. A

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘C’ (quickness). QUICKNESS = the quality of being fast, especially at a thing, etc. MOVEMENT = an act of moving the body or part of the body: e.g. hand/eye movements; e.g. (i) She observed the gentle movement of his chest as he breathed. (ii) Loose clothing gives you greater freedom of movement. SWIFTNESS = an act of happening or done quickly and immediately. AGILITY = ability to move quickly and easily; e.g. He has the agility of a man half his age.

You see in the game of tennis one needs to move one’s eyes or limbs at the speed of the shuttle-cock with a great speed. None of the words given except QUICKNESS is giving that meaning.

2. Options ‘D’ (calls). CALLS INTO ACTION = to give instructions

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