How to keep cool and patience in the exam hall?

How to keep cool and patience in the exam hall?

I advise my students to put cotton in their ears in exam, if found noise from outside, like public meeting etc. So they are always advised to carry a small piece of cotton with them in their pencil box. I have experimented it on me myself also during my exam days and derived good result from that.

It is not always possible on the part of recruitment agencies to provide minimum assured infrastructure in an exam hall. Invigilators of many state govt schools are quite callous on the matters of competitive exams.They don’t have minimum level of discipline in distribution of booklet etc. They talk among themselves during exam hours inside exam hall. But CBSE etc. schools and state govt colleges have different pictures.They are quite discipline and responsible to this matter.

So my advice is, you should prepare both the way, I mean in addition to usual way of keeping key board, practise typing by keeping key board on the table in front of monitor. We can compare this practice with a jungle tracking of army. No other way out.

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