How can we be good at Mathematics?

How can we be good at Mathematics?

Things you must follow while doing practice of Mathematics of an objective exam like the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam, the Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level (CHSL) Exam, SI Delhi Police and CPO Exam, etc.)

QUERY: Ronnie how can we be good at Maths?

Ronnie Bansal

  • Heena one has to learn quick maths for increasing the speed. But every technique of doing questions fast is not given in a book; we too have to devise our own formulas of solving a question with speed. Learning tables of multiplication, squares, cubes help a lot. While solving a question one must keep his eyes on the answer options as sometimes this help in solving a question with speed (sometimes in seconds). There is actually many a thing which helps.


1. Minimize the use of pen and paper while doing a sum

2. Devise your own techniques as every quick trick isn’t there in a book.

3. Understand a question by its basics/concept-wise. If the concept is clear you can really do the sum in possible quickest time.

4. Some questions can be solved with answer options given in no time; so always try to do this while practising , and always keep your eyes on them.

5. More and more sincere/dedicated practice from a good book/study material.

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    sir i want to know if i got failed in interview of ssc cgl , then will i be selected for non interview post?

    • June 4, 2015 at 12:47 AM

      Yes if one is failed in the interview or skips it, is considered for non-interview posts.