How to do the sentence arrangement in less time?

How to do questions on sentence rearrangement (P, Q, R, S)

[For the Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam, the Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level (CHSL) Exam, SI Delhi Police & CPO Exam, Grade-II DASS Exam and any other similar exam]

1. In a question on SENTENCE REARRANGEMENT (PQRS) we are given a jumbled paragraph or sentence, but the sentences or parts of a sentence are not in right order. We have to rearrange the order so that it makes a logical sense. Whenever you solve such questions apply the following tricks.

2. There are four jumbled sentences/parts of a sentence in each question; try to link any two of them in proper order. Then see that order (PQ, PS, RP, or any that you find right) in the answer options. That answer option will be the correct one. However, if such pairs are more than one in the options, you should check the adjoining choices also to know whether their order is sensible.

3. Once you are successful in doing that you are also advised to check the order of all the choices in the option you selected.

4. For this we need to have fair knowledge of nouns, pronouns, relative pronouns, verbs, modals, etc. as they help greatly in establishing the link logically.

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