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1. From stem to stern
A) all the way from the front of a ship to the back      B) from the beginning to the end
C) top of a plant to its roots      D) loose pleasantness to become strict

2. Over-egg the pudding
A) add unnecessary details to make something seem better or worse
B) fill the pudding excessively with egg
C) add details in order to make something more exciting
D) add important details to the content of a story

3. Turn over a new leaf
A) change ones behaviour for the better      B) read between the pages of a book
C) do a somersault      D) do a new job

4. Take up the hatchet
A) behave formally      B) pursue a chance
C) be caught in a trap      D) prepare for or go to war

5. At loose ends
A) tie two loose ends of a thread      B) keep options open
C) in an uncertain situation      D) repay debts

6. With might and main
A) with full risks      B) with full force
C) having full confidence      D) with full blessings

7. Ruffle somebody’s feather
A) gamble      B) escape responsibility
C) annoy somebody      D) show contempt for

8. Cut short
A) delete      B) praise
C) interrupt      D) slice into small pieces

9. Bad blood
A) war      B) ill feeling
C) threatening attitude      D) in an infected state of being

10. A laughing stock
A) an object of laughter      B) a storehouse of jokes
C) an object of desire      D) a stock of high value 

11. Take the bull by the horns
A) crush something with a heavy hand      B) grapple the situation courageously
C) close your eyes and attack the bull      D) take defensive measures to deal with a crisis

12. To flog a dead horse
A) to whip a dead horse     B) to attempt to do the impossible
C) waste one’s efforts      D) to take advantage of a weakness

13. Lose face
A) become embarrassed      B) feel angry
C) get injured      D) feel surprised

14. Build castles in the air
A) work tirelessly     B) fly
C) dream      D) film something

15. Fall back on
A) retreat      B) overtaken
C) suffer an accident     D) resort to something

Answer Keys

1.   A 2.  A 3.  A 4.  D 5.   C 6.  B 7.   C 8.  C 9.  B 10. A
11.  B 12. C 13. A 14. C 15.  D

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘A’ (all the way from the front of a ship to the back). The ‘stem’ and the ‘stern’ are opposite ends of a ship.

STEM = the main supporting structure at the front of a ship.

STERN = the back part of a ship or boat; e.g.

He inspected the boat from stem to stern and decided he wanted to buy it.

2. Option ‘A’ (add unnecessary details to make something seem better or worse.). PUDDING = a sweet and usually hot dish made with pastry, flour, bread, or rice, and often fruit

4. Option ‘D’ (prepare for or go to war). HATCHET = a small axe (= tool with a blade that cuts when you hit things with it)

6. Option ‘B’ (with full force). MIGHT = power, strength, or force; e.g.

She struggled with all her might to get free.

11. Option ‘B’ (grapple the situation courageously). GRAPPLE = to fight, especially in order to win  something; e.g.

The children grappled for the ball.

12. Option ‘C’ (waste one’s efforts). FLOG = beat with a whip or stick as a punishment

13. Option ‘A’ (become embarrassed). EMBARRASSED feeling ashamed or shy; e.g.

She felt  embarrassed about undressing in front of the doctor.

15. Option ‘D’ (resort to something). RESORT = If you resort to a course of action that you do not really approve of, you adopt it because you cannot see any other way of achieving what you want; e.g.

His punishing work schedule had made him resort to drugs.

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