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Summary of the General Instructions for the Candidates

1. Candidates should invariably bring the following at the time of reporting for the examination:

a) Admission Certificate

b) Two copies of their latest coloured passport size photograph (3 cm x 3.5 cm)

c) At least one valid photo bearing identity proof in ORIGINAL with clear photograph (Eligible photo identity proofs such as

    1. Passport
    2. Aadhaar Card/Print out of e-Aadhaar,
    3. Driving License
    4. Service ID Card issued to employees by Central Govt./State Govt./ PSUs
    5. ID Card issued by University/College/School
    6. Voter’s ID Card
    7. PAN Card
    8. Ex-Servicemen Discharge Book issued by Ministry of Defence
    9. Any other Photo Identity Proof issued by Central Govt./ State Govt.).

d) If the Photo Identity Card does not contain the complete Date of Birth, then the candidate must carry an additional original document having the Date of Birth as printed on the Admission Certificate (e.g. Admit Card/ Pass Certificate/ Marks Sheet of 10th Class issued only by CBSE/ ICSE/ State Boards; Birth Certificate, Category Certificate etc. issued only by Central Govt. / State Govt. / PSUs).

In case of a mismatch in the Date of Birth mentioned in the Admission Certificate and Photo ID Proof/ the Certificate brought in support of Date of Birth, the candidate will not be allowed to appear in the examination.

e) Face mask

f) Hand sanitizer (Small bottle)

g) Transparent water bottle

h) Printout of COVID-19 Self Declaration Form provided with the Admission Certificate

2. Candidates should avoid wearing items like nose pins, bracelets, earrings, charms, kadas etc. In case, religion/ customs require candidates to wear specific attire, the frisking may take more time and therefore candidates should report at the venue of examination early.

3. Pen and paper for rough work would be provided in the examination lab.

4. Candidate shall have to undergo the process of contactless Frisking through Handheld Metal Detector (HHMD).

5. Candidate should ensure that they provide clear Left Thumb Impression (LTI), Certification Statement in their running handwriting and signature on Commission’s Copy of Admission Certificate taking necessary precautions against Covid-19.

6. Candidates are assured that in case of disruption of examination for any reason such as major/minor technical snag or slow speed of server/breakdown of server etc., they will not, under any circumstances, lose the examination time to which they are entitled.

7. For PwD Candidates

a) Eligible PwD candidates are entitled for compensatory time of 20 minutes per hours and assistance of scribe.

b) PwD candidates, other than those affected by blindness and cerebral palsy, who have opted for the facility of scribe and/or Compensatory time in their application form are required to produce certificate as per Annexure-1 of the Notice of Examination for availing the facility of scribe.

c) Candidates opting for own scribe, the qualification of the scribe should be one step below the qualification of the candidate taking the examination. Such candidates shall be required to submit details of the own scribe in proforma at Annexure-II of the Notice of Examination.

In addition, the scribe has to produce a valid ID proof (as per list given at Para-3) in original. A photocopy of the ID proof of the scribe signed by the candidate as well as the scribe is required to be submitted along with proforma at Annexure-II.

d) One eyed candidates and partially blind candidates, who are able to read the normal Question Paper set with or without magnifying glass and who wish to write/indicate the answer with the help of magnifying glass, will be allowed to use the same in the Examination Hall and will not be entitled to a Scribe. Such candidates will have to bring their own Magnifying Glass to the Examination Hall.


Advisory for Candidates regarding Covid-19

1. In light of Covid-19 pandemic, the candidates are advised to reach the venue of examination well before gate closure time so as to avoid last minute crowding at the entry gate.

2. On reaching the examination venue, candidates are advised to follow social distancing norms and maintain distance of 6 feet between two candidates.

3. Mapping of candidate Roll Number and Lab Number will not be displayed outside the examination venue but will be provided to the candidates individually at the time of entry after verification of their Admission Certificate and ID Proof.

4. Facility for hand sanitization will be available at entry gate and also inside the examination venue. All candidates are required to sanitize their hands.

5. Contactless candidate verification will be conducted by flashing of admit card and valid Photo ID proof at Document Verification desk.

6. Ball pen and rough sheets will be provided to the candidates. Rough sheets and a Ball pen will be placed at the candidate seats. Additional Rough sheets, when demanded, will also be provided to the candidates. Candidates will be required to drop the rough sheets in the drop box provided in the Lab.

7. Candidates with COVID-19 positive declaration or symptoms of fever, cough, etc. will not be permitted entry into examination venue. Candidates will be checked with thermo guns at entry point for fever and candidates having above normal (>99.14° F/ 37.3o C) temperature will not be allowed entry.

8. Candidate may also use hand gloves at their discretion.

9. Candidates are required to undergo contact less frisking and temperature checking using thermo gun and they will be directed towards the document verification desk. The exam functionaries will examine the Admission Certificate, ID Proofs etc. and candidates will then move towards Registration desk.

10. At Registration desk, the photograph of the candidate will be captured, however, no thumb impression will be taken as a precautionary measure. Seat numbers will be provided to the candidates at this instance.

11. Candidates will then be guided to his allocated seats. To ensure social distancing norms, candidates may be assigned another seat in case two candidates are allotted adjacent seats.

12. Candidates are advised to sanitize their hands before and after filling the Commission Copy and Attendance Sheet.

13. On completion of a shift, the candidates will be permitted to move out in an orderly manner – one candidate at a time.

14. Rough sheets will be dropped by the candidates in the designated box at the exit of the examination lab.

15. COVID-19 Self Declaration Form

See the COVID-19 Self Declaration Form in the link given below.

OFFICIAL INSTRUCTIONS (In both English and Hindi)

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