Skill Test for Combined Graduate Level Examination (CGLE) 2019

1. Skill Test for the eligible candidates of CGLE 2019 will be conducted on 15.09.2021 and 16.09.2021 across the country. This skill Test will comprise of three modules, namely, Data entry Speed Test (DEST), Power Point Presentation/Generation of Slides (MS Power Point), and Spread Sheet (MS Excel).

For Data Entry Speed Test (DEST), a master text passage of about 2000 (two thousand) key depressions will be given. Duration of this test will be 15 minutes.

Candidates can only type the equivalent number of words given in the master text passage.

Combination of alphanumeric keys followed by space is termed as one ‘Word’.

After typing given number of words in the master text passage the space bar will not allow further typing of additional words. For example, if there are 500 words in the master text passage, candidates can type only 500 words and after that space bar will not allow the candidates to type any additional word, however, keyboard will allow the candidate to continue typing without using the space bar.

In case Candidates type additional words/wrong words, thereby exhausting the allowed number of words before completing the master text, then they may use arrow keys/backspace key to correct wrongly typed word(s) or remove additional typed word(s) before proceeding to complete the master text.

2. Candidates may note:

a) The print out of the typed text will not be taken after the Skill Test (Typing Test/DEST).
b) Candidates for English Typing Test/DEST are advised to choose English (United States) as their option.
c) Computer Proficiency Test (CPT) comprises of additional two modules viz. (i) Power Point Presentation/Generation of slides (MS Power Point) (ii) Spread Sheet (MS Excel) will be administered on MS Office platform (Microsoft Office-2007 and higher versions) and duration of each module will be 15 minutes.
d) These modules will be conducted one after the other.
e) After completion of both the modules, printout of the candidate’s work will be taken.
f) The candidates will have to give the print command and after getting printouts for Power Point presentation and Spread Sheet, they will also write their Roll Number, Name, Exam Date and Put their signature on each page.
g) Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with Microsoft Office – 2007 and above.
h) All eligible candidates requiring extra time have been allocated in the second shifts.

Note: Candidates, who are exempted for this Examination should refer the detailed guidelines issued by the respective Regional Office website.

Under Secretary(C-II)
Date: 10.09.2021



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