Why is ITI post in HOT Spot?

Why is ITI post in HOT Spot?

Query of manpreet singh on CBDT Vs CBEC
Hi bro, I have one query that from top 200 candidates selected through CGL 2010, most of them were having IT inspectors as their first preference (around 90-100 out of 200) and only around 40 were having Excise inspector as their first choice. In fact CSS was also favorable choice than Excise Inspector among toppers.

But your first choice was Excise Inspector only… can you please help us on this because it will obviously come in one’s mind that if toppers are going for IT inspector then it must be a better choice. So can you discuss about pros and cons of IT and Excise as I think you are working in CBDT only.

Ronnie Bansal – Jul 20, 2011
Let me say this first, in India most of people do what others are doing (I don’t know how people in other countries do). They just see the trend being followed and don’t care to bother about pros and cons of the things. I discussed every thing associated with mostly all the posts before opting for my post preferences. I knew certain close persons who were in excise holding good posts. And all of them suggested me to opt for Excise rather than CBDT.

The second reason for opting excise as my Ist preference was—–till opting preferences there used to be very much fewer vacancies for ITIs whereas in excise it was reverse. In 2008 when they were just 116 for ITIs they were more than 1200 in excise. So I was not hoping more than 125 for ITIs in 2010. With this figure for ITIs in mind I thought it’d be better if I chose excise first as I might get my home station Delhi for my posting with a slightly lower rank as more and more people were expected to choose ITI first according to the prevailing trend. It was much later that vacancies for ITIs were known to be that high. Still you see how high the cut-off for them is as compared to that for excise.

In what terms those people suggested me excise? Of course POWER and STATUS. I don’t know much about the difference in status of both; but am convinced power is higher maybe.

Yes of course status of promotions is much better in ITI than EXCISE.

Anyway! I have initiated a thread on job profiles of various posts on this website itself; I’ll suggest you should read them carefully and try other sources also before giving the preferences for posts. All the best dear friend!


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