Need to join a Coaching Center for SSC exams or like exams?

Need to join a Coaching Center for SSC exams or like exams?

If you are able to grab the things of your own nothing is better than this in my opinion. I don’t think visiting a coaching center is necessary at all. There are many factors on the basis of which I’m saying that one needs to avoid going to a coaching center. A few of them are here.:

  1. Loss of time as the time spent going to and fro could be utilized in self study or what.
  2. Physical tiredness
  3. Monetary loss
  4. Difficulty in finding good coaching institute.

In my opinion there is no such good centre for an SSC exam in Delhi or outside. They are all like only SHOPS. There are instances we need to know the basics of some things; but no coaching centre is concerned about that, because they have their own limitations too I just mean to say jahan tak possible ho self study karo ya phir kisi achchhe friend ya relative ki help lo. But again it’s not necessary that everyone is able to find such help; in such a circumstance going to a coaching center perhaps becomes necessary

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Maha Gupta

Maha Gupta

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