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Little & Few

Little & Few

i) Little/A little/The little as Adjectives are used before UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS; e.g. little milk; a little milk

ii) Few/A few/The few as adjectives are used before PLURAL COUNTABLE NOUNS; e.g. few books; a few books

1. A Little/A Few

Both have positive meanings. A LITTLE = a small QUANTITY of something; A FEW = a small NUMBER; e.g.

a) I drank some tea and ate a little bread before leaving for my office.
b) I’m having a dinner  party for a few close friends.

2. Little/Few

LITTLE and FEW denote scarcity or lack and have the force of a negative meaning.
LITTLE = not much or enough (hardly any); FEW = not many (hardly any)

a) He has little appreciation of good poetry.
b) Few towns in India have public libraries.

3. The Little/The Few

THE LITTLE = not much but all that there is; THE FEW = not many but all that there is

a) The little information he had was not quite satisfactory.
b) The few friends he has are all very kind.

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