ENGLISHPairs of Words

Many & Much

1. MANY is used for plural countable nouns and MUCH is used for uncountable nouns.

a) I have many books.
b) I don’t have much money.
c) Is this going to make much difference?
d) I haven’t had much sleep.

NOTE-I: You don’t usually use MUCH as an object pronoun in positive sentences. Instead you use VERY MUCH; e.g.

INCORRECT: I learn much from him.
CORRECT: I learn very much from him.


MANY A’ is used with a singular noun and a singular verb to mean A LARGE NUMBER OF; e.g.

Many a good student has passed the exam.
= Many students have passed the exam.


We use MUCH TOO before adjectives, we don’t use it before nouns. Before nouns we use TOO MUCH or TOO MANY. We use MUCH TOO in front of an unpleasant adjective to say that something cannot be done or achieved because someone or something has too much of a quality; e.g.

INCORRECT: Madhu is too much rude.
CORRECT: Madhu is much too rude. (RUDE is an adjective.)

INCORRECT: I’m feeling much too pain in my leg.
CORRECT: I’m feeling too much pain in my leg. (PAIN is a noun.)

NOTE: In sentences like these you put MUCH in front of TOO, not after it. So, it’s wrong to say: The bags are too much heavy.

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