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1. The act of killing a whole group of people, specially a whole race
A) Patricide B) Genocide

C) Parricide D) Matricide

2. Animals that can live on land and in water
A) Anthropoid B) Aquatic

C) Amphibian D) Marsupial

3. A hater of woman
A) Monarchist B) Misanthrope

C) Philanderer D) Misogynist

4. A state where there is no effective government
A) Secular B) Democracy

C) Governance D) Anarchy

5. A person who opposes war or use of military force
A) Narcissist B) Fatalist

C) Pacifist D) Fascist

6. Substance used in surgery to produce unconsciousness
A) Antiseptic B) Antidote

C) Anesthetic D) Cocaine

7. Master of ceremonies
A) Ceremonist B) Compere

C) Organiser D) Manager

8. A remedy for all diseases
A) Tonic B) Nectar

C) Panacea D) Elixir

9. A place for fish or water plants
A) Aviary B) Apiary

C) Herbarium D) Aquarium

10. The study of birds is known as
A) Ornithology B) Zoology

C) Biology D) Anatomy

11. The belief that everyone is equal and should have the same right and opportunities
A) Altruistic B) Egoistic

C) Egalitarian D) Octogenarian

12. Irresistible craving for alcoholic drinks
A) Pyromania B) Dipsomania

C) Megalomania D) Kleptomania

13. Head of monks in an abbey
A) Padre B) Dean

C) Abbot D) Deacon

14. The word is no longer in use
A) Obsolete B) Old Fashion

C) Antique D) Vanished

15. A person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others
A) Egoist B) Unselfish

C) Altruist D) Welfarist

16. Inscription on a gravestone
A) Obituary B) Memorial

C) Epitaph D) Epigraph

17. Violation of that which is holy and sacred
A) Malevolent B) Sacrilege

C) Bizarre D) Iniquitous

18. One who believes in many Gods
A) Polyglot B) Polygamy

C) Polygon D) Polytheist

19. One who lends money on high rates of interest
A) Usurper B) Usherer

C) Usurer D) Undertaker

20. A post with little work but high salary
A) Freelancer B) Sine Qua Non

C) Sinecure D) Quangos

21. A person, especially a young one, with exceptional abilities
A) Intellectual B) Prodigy

C) Genius D) Mastermind

22. Incapable of feeling tired or exhausted
A) Invincible B) Inflatable

C) Indefatigable D) Inextricable

23. A new word coined by an author
A) Novelty B) Innovation
C) Neologism D) Inception

24. When something moves in a straight line
A) Quadrilineal B) Octalineal
C) Rectilinear D) Trapilineal

25. Tending to associate with others of one’s kind
A) Grassivorous B) Gregarian
C) Gregarious D) Graminivorous

Answer Keys

1. D 2. C 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. D 10. A
11. C 12. B 13. C 14. A 15. C 16. C 17. B 18. D 19. C 20. C
21. B 22. C 23. C 24. C 25. C

Solution with explanation

7. Option ‘B’ (Compere). MASTER OF CEREMONIES = at events such as formal dinners, award ceremonies, and variety shows, the master of ceremonies is the person who introduces the speakers or performers, and who announces what is going to happen next

12. Option ‘B’ (Dipsomania). CRAVING = a powerful desire for something

13. Option ‘C’ (Abbot). MONK = a member of a group of religious men who do not marry and usually live together in a monastery. ABBEY = a building where monks or nuns live or used to live. Some abbeys are now used as churches.

16. Option ‘C’ (Epitaph). INSCRIPTION = words that are written or cut in something; e.g. The painting had an inscription that read, “To my loving wife.” GRAVESTONE = a stone that shows where a dead person is buried, usually with the name and the years of birth and death of that person written on it

17. Option ‘B’ (Sacrilege). VIOLATION = an action that breaks or acts against something,  especially a law, agreement, principle, or something that should be treated with respect; e.g. She’s claiming that her detention by the police was a violation of her human rights.

18. Option ‘D’ (Polytheist). THEIST = someone who believes in the existence of a god or gods

25. Option ‘C’. (Gregarious). Tending to associate with others of one’s kind =liking to be with other people

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