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Protection of pay for candidates of PSU, Universities RBI, etc. on their appointment to Central Govt Posts

Protection of pay for candidates of PSUs, Universities RBI, etc. on their appointment to Central Govt Posts

Earlier Pay Protection for candidates of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) etc including Central Public Undertakings, State Government Undertakings, Universities, Semi Government Institutions, Autonomous Bodies and Nationalised Banks including State Bank of India and Reserve Bank of India, was available to Direct Recruits, only if, the selection was through interview and not through an open competitive examination.

However, in the light of various court judgments and references received from various quarters, the above mentioned policy of pay fixation of the candidates coming from field sources (PSUs, Universities etc) in respect to them has been reviewed.

Now it has been decided that notwithstanding the mode of selection, henceforth, the benefit of Pay Protection will be available to Direct Recruits appointed in Central Government to those posts for which the relevant  Recruitment Rules prescribe a requirement of minimum number of years of experience in a specified area from the field sources (autonomous bodies, PSUs etc.) for appointment under the method of direct recruitment. The benefit will be allowed irrespective of whether the post is filled by the recruiting agency on the basis of interview or open competitive exam or combination of both.

This order will be effective from the date of its issuance.


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