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Rules of Mutual Transfers in Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)

Rules of Mutual Transfers in Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG)

Subject: Mutual Transfers in Gr. ‘B’ & ‘C cadres in the IA&AD

Here in the link given below there are rules regarding the transfers in Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), and matter involving the seniority, etc. in the case of a mutual transfer in the department.

Main summary of the rules regarding mutual transfers in CAG mentioned in the following link:

1. Mutual Transfers may be permitted in respect of all the regular Grade B’ & ‘C posts, excluding the posts of Sr AO/A.O,  in the Department  subject to the condition that the concerned officials  should  hold  same  post under the two different cadre controlling offices located at two different stations.

2. Mutual transfer between an Auditor and Sr. Auditor and an Accountant and Sr Accountant may also be permitted subject to the condition  that  the  concerned  Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant  will  have to seek reversion to the lower post of Auditor/ Accountant. On reversion to the lower post, the pay will be fixed in terms  of  the  DoPT  OM No. 16/4/ 2012-Pay-I dated 05.11.2012. Such Sr.Auditor/Sr.Accountant who will seek reversion to the post  of  Auditor/ Accountant  may  be considered for promotion to the post of Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant in the new office only after completion of the minimum length of service required for promotion to the post of Sr Auditor/Sr Accountant in the new   office.   However,   in  such  cases,   at  the  time of promotion as Sr Auditor/ Sr Accountant in the new offices, the benefit of pay  fixation in terms of FR-22 (I) (a) (1) would not be admissible.

3. The officials mutually transferred will be the junior most in  the  respective  cadre on the dates of their joining in the new office.

4. A mutual transfer can also be between two different categories such as between UR and SC, between OBC and SC, etc. But if the officials willing for mutual transfer belong to different categories (UR, SC, ST, OBC), it will be the responsibility of the concerned Heads of the Department to ensure that the vacant point of  the  requisite category is available in the reservation roster  for  the  said post maintained by their offices to accommodate the officials of different categories.

5. In the case of AAOs, mutual transfers shall be permitted only  in  the same stream.

6. In case of officials recruited under sports quota, mutual transfers during first 10 years of their service would be allowed between the same discipline of sports.

7. Mutual Transfers may also be considered during probation However, in such cases where the mutual transfers have been permitted during probation period, the concerned officials will have to pass the requisite departmental examinations in the new office.The number of chances already availed to pass the said examination in the old office, along with the exemptions, if any, would be carried forward in the new office.

8. Both the officials will have to give an undertaking to the effect that  on the date of submitting the application for mutual transfer, they have not passed any   other   competitive   examination   conducted   by    the SSC/ UPSC/State PSCs/ Banking Service Recruitment Boards/ Railway Recruitment Board or any other Recruitment agency and they will not resign from the service within one year from the date of joining in the new offices. However, if any of them resigns within  one  year,  the mutual transfer already permitted would be treated as null and void.

9. The concerned Heads of the Department will have to initiate action within 10 days from the date of receipt of the application and dispose of the case within 60 days.

10. The cases  of  Mutual  Transfer  in respect  of  Non  Gazetted   ‘B’  & ‘C’ posts would be finalized  by  the local Heads of Department at their own level and   intimate  the   details  to  the  Headquarters   for  information. However, the cases of Mutual Transfer of Gazetted Grade ‘B’ Officers are to be forwarded  to  the  Headquarters   for  prior  approval   along with  the consent of both the Heads of Department.



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