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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 10

Practice Set 10: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

P. To the total cost of the product
in reasonable proportion
advertising costs
are no longer

A) RSQP      B) RPQS      C) RQSP       D) PSRQ

There was
P. needed for it everyday life
Q. a time when each family
R. for itself most of the things it
S. actually produced

A) QRSP      B) RQPS      C) RSPQ       D) QSRP

P. that he had been let down
Q. Stood by all these years
R. did he realize
S. by a colleague whom he had

A) RPSQ      B) RSQP      C) QSRP      D) QSPR

I saw that
P. but seeing my host in this mood
Q. I deemed it proper to take leave
R. as I had frequently done before
S. it had been my intention to pass the night there

A) QPSR      B) QRPS      C) SPQR       D) SRPQ

I was
P. and stay for a few days in Delhi
Q. when my father told me
R. very excited
S. that I could go with him

A) PQRS      B) RQSP      C) QRSP       D) SPQR

Work is the one thing
P. and without it
Q. that is necessary
R. to keep the world going
S. we should all die

A) QPSR      B) RPQS      C) SRPQ       D) QRPS

The appearance
P. these dinosaurs were at their peak
Q. of the first mammals on the earth
R. at the time when
S. went almost unnoticed

A) SRPQ      B) QSRP      C) QRPS       D) RPQS

P. did not know
Q. he was nervous and
R. heard the hue and cry at midnight
S. what to do

A) RQPS      B) QSPR      C) SQPR       D) PQRS

It has been established that
P. Einstein was
Q. although a great scientist
R. weak in arithmetic
S. right from his school days

A) SRPQ      B) QPRS      C) QPSR       D) RQPS

P. it struck me
Q. of course
R. suitable it was
S. how eminently

A) SPQR      B) QSRP      C) PSRQ       D) QPSR

Answer Keys

1. A 2. D 3. A 4. D 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. A 9. B 10. C

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘A’ (RSQP). QP is making a good pair as TO of P isn’t fitting with except the word PROPORTION. QP is only available in option ‘A’.

2. Option ‘D’ (QSRP). The sentence will begin with Q, but choosing R after Q will be wrong as it will be an incorrect construction grammatically. So option ‘A’ is incorrect.

3. Option ‘A’ (RPSQ). The sentence will begin with R, but option ‘B’ is incorrect as you cannot use S immediately after R. You cannot use a preposition with the verb REALIZE. BY is a preposition.

5. Option ‘B’ (RQSP). R should be our first choice as the verb WAS cannot be used with P, Q or S. Verb BE (here WAS) can only take a noun or an adjective. EXCITED is an adjective.

6. Option ‘D’ (QRPS). S should be our last choice. It’s as a last choice available in two options ‘B’ and ‘D’, but Q isn’t fitting well immediately before it, so option ‘B’ is incorrect.

9. Option ‘B’ (QPRS). PR is making a good pair. In this pair we are told that how good/bad was Einstein in arithmetic. This pair is only available in option ‘B’.

10. Option ‘C’ (PSRQ). SR is making a good pair. HOW is used to say a quality of someone/something, means there should be an adjective/adverb after it. SUITABLE is an adjective qualified by the adverb EMINENTLY. But we have three options ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘D’ in which the pair PR is available. According to option ‘B’ there should be P after R, but it will be wrong because of use of IT on both ends of WAS, so option ‘B’ is incorrect. According to option ‘D’ Q should be our first choice, but it will be a wrong construction.

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