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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 11

Practice Set 11: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

I read an advertisement that said
P. posh, air-conditioned
Q. gentlemen of taste
R. are available for
S. fully furnished rooms

A) PQRS      B)      PSRQ      C) PSQR      D) SRPQ

Since the beginning of history
P. have managed to catch
Q. the Eskimos and Red Indians
R. by a very difficult method
S. a few specimens of this aquatic animal

A) QRPS      B) SQPR      C) SQRP       D) QPSR

A French woman
P. committed suicide
Q. where she had put up
R. who had come to Calcutta
S. by jumping from the first floor balcony of the hotel

A) PRQS      B) QSRP      C) RPSQ       D) SRQP

The national unity of a free people
P. to make it impracticable
Q. for there to be an arbitrary administration
R. depends upon a sufficiently even balance of political power
S. against a revolutionary opposition that is irreconcilably opposed to it

A) QRPS      B) QRSP      C) RPQS      D) RSPQ

The grocer
P. did not listen to the protests of customers
Q. who was in the habit of weighing less
R. whom he had cheated
S. with great audacity

A) PRSQ      B) QSPR      C) QPRS      D) PQSR

They felt safer
P. to watch the mountain
Q. of more than five miles
R. as they settled down
S. from a distance

A) RPSQ      B) RSQP      C) PQSR      D) PRSQ

P. at his dispensary
Q. went to him
R. of all professions
S. for medicine and treatment

A) QPRS      B) RPQS      C) RQSP      D) QRPS

It would
P. appear from his statement
Q. about the policy of management
R. in dealing with the strike
S. that he was quite in the dark

A) RPSQ      B) PSQR      C) RQPS       D) PRQS

He was so kind and generous that
P. he not only
Q. made others do so
R. but also
S. helped them himself

A) PSRQ      B) SPQR      C) PRSQ      D) QPRS

We went
P. along the railway line
Q. and had a right to
R. where other people were not allowed to go
S. but daddy belonged to the railway

A) RPQS      B) PRSQ      C) RSQP      D) PRQS

1. Our pleasures should be healthy so that they can impart a sense of well-being.
P. This applies very much to the passion for sports.
Q. Some people become slaves to an enthusiasm and regard it as their real and only pleasure in life.
R. It is quite possible that indulging this passion is doing them great harm.
S. Modern sports have become so exaggerated that they can damage and sometimes destroy one’s health.
6. An enthusiasm for violent sports may well dig an early grave for the participant.

A) QPRS      B) QSPR      C) QRPS       D) QRSP

1. The Pyramids are beautiful enormous structures.
P. A mummy is the dead body of a human being to which oils and spices have been applied to prevent it from decaying.
Q. They are the tombs of the old kings of Egypt who were called the Pharaohs.
R. These mummies were placed inside these great Pyramids.
S. The bodies of the Pharaohs were made into mummies when they died.
6. Near them were placed, gold, silver, food, furniture and other things because it was believed that the mummies might require them alter death.

A) SPRQ      B) QPRS      C) QSPR      D) QSRP

1. One of the gifts of independence is the awakening of women of our country.
P. Besides, their talent is recognized and they are appointed to high posts in the State.
Q. Free India has seen women as Governors, Ministers and Ambassadors.
R. That is because our government is making efforts to raise their status.
S. Women have a bright future in independent India.
6. We even had a woman Prime Minister.

A) QPSR      B) QSPR      C) SPQR       D) SRPQ

1. In a fact. a robotic exoskeleton device has enabled a 39-year old former athlete, who had been completely paralysed for four years
P. This is the first time that a person with chronic, complete paralysis has regained enough voluntary control to actively work with a robotic device.
Q. The athlete’s leg movement also rested in other health benefits.
R. to control his leg muscles and take thousands of steps.
S. In addition to the device, the man was aided by a novel non-invasive spinal stimulation technique that does not require surgery.
6. Inducing Improved cardio vascular function and muscle tone.

A) SPQR      B) RPSQ      C) QRPS      D) PQRS

1. Mandela led the battle of freedom against slavery.
P. The way was fighting with non-violence and truth.
Q. He fought it in a unique way.
R. This struggle brought the racists down to the ground.
S. Many nations got their freedom in this way.
6. But some nations still wouldn’t get the desired freedom.

A) SPQR      B) PQRS      C) QPRS      D) RSPQ

Answer Keys

1. B 2. D 3. C 4. D 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B
11. A 12. C 13. D 14. B 15. C

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘B’ (PSRQ). SR is making a good pair. Here after ROOMS we require a verb; ARE only is the verb in all options. Pair SR exists in two options ‘B’ and ‘D’. According to option ‘D; there should be P after SR, but it’s not a correct combination as after a preposition (here FOR) we need a noun/pronoun/gerund, POSH is an adjective, hence option ‘D’ is incorrect.

2. Option ‘D’ (QPSR). QP is making a good pair. Verb HAVE MANAGED is plural, so we need a plural subject, Q only is giving a plural subject. Pair PR exists in two options ‘B’ and ‘D’. According to option ‘B’ there should be R after this pair, but we cannot use the preposition BY with the verb CATCH, hence option ‘B’ is incorrect.

3. Option ‘C’ (RPSQ). R should begin the sentence as WHO must be the relative pronoun of WOMAN in the given sentence.

5. Option ‘C’ (QPRS). QP is making a good pair WHO is the relative pronoun of CUSTOMERS, as he only was cheating his customers.

6. Option ‘A’. RP is making a good pair. TO-INFINITIVE (here to watch) is not fitting well with Q and S.

8. Option ‘B’ (PSQR). P should be our first choice. WOULD is a modal verb, a modal verb is never used alone; it must follow a main verb. No other sentence is beginning with a verb. P as a first choice is available in two options ‘B’ and ‘D’, but option ‘D’ cannot be right as R does not fit grammatically well after P. .

11. Option ‘A’ (QPRS). RS is making a good pair. R says indulging this passion (enthusiasm) is doing a great harm; S is making this idea even stronger by saying that modern sport can damage one’s health. RS is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘D’. But option ‘D’ is not possible as P can’t be our last choice.

12. Option ‘C’ (QSPR). R should be our last choice. R tells us that mummies were placed inside the Pyramids; 6 says which things were placed near those mummies. R as the last choice is only available in option ‘C.

13. Option ‘D’ (SRPQ). Q6 is making a good pair. Q says India have had on prominent designations like Governors, Ministers and Ambassadors; 6 even is adding more to those designations, Prime Minster.

14. Option ‘B’ (RPSQ). PS is making a good pair. P says that the paralysed person regained strength with a robotic device; S says what other thing he was provided in addition to that device.

15. Option ‘C’ (QPRS). Q should be our first choice. In 1 Mandela led the battle; in P he fights it. IT is the pronoun of BATTLE here.

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