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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 12

Practice Set 12: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

P. By primary chloroplasts
Q. Green plants have cell walls containing cellulose and obtain
R. Most of their energy from sunlight via photosynthesis
S. Derived from endosymbiosis

A) QSPR      B) QPSR      C) QRPS      D) SQPR

P. That was open to all castes
Q. In 1932, Gandhi, at the time imprisoned in India
R. In 1915 Gandhi founded an ashram in Ahmedabad, India
S. Embarked on a sin-day fast to protest the British decision

A) RPQS      B) PQRS      C) RQPS       D) RSPQ

P. Size of the fault and the amount of slip on the fault
Q. The size of an earthquake depends on the
R. Scientists can simply measure with a measuring tape
S. But that’s not something

A) QPSR      B) QRPS      C) QSRP      D) RQSP

P. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta
Q. Nun and missionary Mother Teresa
R. Devoted her life to caring for the sick and poor
S. Known in the catholic church

A) QRPS      B) QSPR      C) QPSR     D) SRQR

P. When an earthquake causes the ground to shake
Q. The hanging weight
R. The base of the seismograph shakes too, but
S. Does not

A) PRQS      B) PQRS      C) PSRQ      D) SRQP

P. For more than 400 years
Q. The works of William Shakespeare
R. Known throughout the world
S. Have been performed in countless hamlets, villages and cities

A) PRSQ      B) QSRP      C) RQSP      D) RSQP

P. For an object partially submerged in a liquid
Q. The volume of displaced fluid is equivalent to the
R. Or to that fraction of the volume below the surface
S. Volume of an object fully immersed in a fluid

A) QSRP      B) QSPR      C) QPSR      D) PQRS

P. Of 1974 saw Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in
Q. The Pokhran-II nuclear tests conducted in India
R. In 1998 after the original nuclear test
S. A pivotal political, organizational and technical role

A) QSPR      B) QRPS      C) QPSR      D) RSQP

P. Basic to modern science had appeared
Q. Was well advanced, and many of the works
R. The movement now known as the scientific revolution
S. When Newton arrived in Cambridge in 1661

A) QPSR      B) SPQR     C) SRQP      D) SQPR

P. At a later stage, during the 1990s, when Modi served
Q. He completed a three-month long course in the US
R. On public relations and image management
S. As the official spokesperson of the BJP in New Delhi

A) PRQS      B) RQSP      C) SPRQ      D) PSQR

P. Newton was the only son of a local yeoman
Q. Born in the hamlet of Woolsthorpe
R. Who had died three months before
S. Newton had a difficult childhood

A) PQSR      B) QPRS      C) QRSP      D) RPQS

P. From its
Q. Threw two bombs into the Assembly Chamber
R. On 8 April 1929, Bhagat Singh accompanied by Batukeshwar Dutt
S. Public gallery

A) RQPS      B) RSPQ      C) RPQS      D) SPQR

P. Found that his inferior
Q. Parietal lobe, 3D-visualization and mathematical thought
R. In 1999, Canadian Scientists who were studying Einstein’s brain
S. Was 15 percent wider than in people with normal intelligence

A) RQSP      B) QSRP      C) RQPS     D) RPQS

P. Ended in assassination,
Q. Indira Gandhi was India’s third Prime Minister
R. When her life
S. Serving from 1966 until 1984

A) PRSQ      B) SRQP      C) QRSP     D) QSRP

P. In order to fight the menace of
Q. Should be strictly
R. Pollution, antipollution law
S. Implemented

A) RPQS      B) PRQS      C) PQRS      D) PSRQ

Answer Keys

1. C 2. A 3. A 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. A 8. B 9. C 10. D
11. B 12. A 13. D 14. D 15. B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘C’ (QRPS). Q says GREEN PLANTS OBTAIN SOMETHING; R says GREEN PLANTS OBTAIN ENERGY. Therefore QR is making a good pair. QR is only available in option ‘C’.

2. Option ‘A’ (RPQS). RP is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘A’.

3. Option ‘A’ (QPSR). Here FAULT = a crack in the earth’s surface where the rock has divided into two parts that move against each other; e.g.

Surveyors say the fault line is capable of  generating a  major earthquake once in a hundred years.

4. Option ‘B’ (QSPR). SP is making a good pair because of KNOWN AS combination. This pair is only available in option ‘B’.

6. Option ‘C’ (RQSP). Verb HAVE BEEN PERFORMED is in the plural, it can only go well with WORKS (plural). Therefore QS is making a good pair. But this pair is available in two options ‘B’ and ‘C’. Option ‘B’ is rejected as R is not making a sense after S.

7. Option ‘A’ (QSRP). QS is making a good pair. And this pair is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘B’; but P is not possible after S, hence option ‘B’ is rejected.

8. Option ‘B’ (QRPS). RP is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘B’.

9. Option ‘C’ (SRQP). Here WAS is only possible after REVOLUTION; hence RQ is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘C’.

10. Option ‘D’ (PSQR). HE is pronoun for MODI, means Q will go after P, but we need S between them because of SERVED AS.

11. Option ‘B’ (QPRS). WHO is the relative pronoun of YEOMAN; hence PR is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘B’. YEOMAN = in the past, a man who was not a servant and who owned and cultivated (= grew crops on) an area of land

12. Option ‘A’ (RQPS). ITS is a possessive adjective, so it must have a noun after it. Only the noun PUBLIC begins the phrase among all given. There PS is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘A’.

15. Option ‘B’ (PRQS). OF is a preposition, so it should be followed by a noun/pronoun. Out of the given phrases only R begins with a noun (POLLUTION). Therefore, PR is making a good pair. But this pair is only available in option ‘B’.

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