Practice Sets - EnglishSentence Rearrangement

Sentence Rearrangement (Solved Practice Set-2)

Practice Set 2: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

1. We are what our thoughts have made us.
P. And so take care of what you think.
Q. Every man’s character is determined by the sum total of these impressions.
R. Every work we do, every thought that we think, leaves an impression on the mind-stuff.
S. Thoughts live, they travel far.
6. If good impressions prevail, the character becomes good, if bad it becomes bad.

A) SPRQ     B) RQSP     C) PRSQ     D) RQPS

1. Advertising affects our lives everyday.
P. Brand names are common household words.
Q. We start each day using the toothpaste, soap, and breakfast foods promoted by advertisers.
R. Ads have made the cars we drive signs of our success.
S. Our choices of food, dress, and entertainment are swayed by ads.
6. Not one aspect of American life is untouched by advertising.

A) PQRS     B) PRQS     C) PSQR     D) QPSR

1. A spider’s web, after a shower of rain, is a very beautiful thing.
P. This explains partly why spiders are thoroughly disliked.
Q. But no poet has ever sung of the beauty of the spiders, for most spiders are not beautiful
R. On the contrary, most of them are rather unattractive, if not ugly!
S. Poets have sung about the beauty of the spider’s webs, comparing the water drops on them to ropes of pearls.
6. They are also feared because their bites may have unpleasant effects like a rash on the skin.

A) SPQR     B) QSRP     C) QRSP     D) SQRP

1. There are examinations at school which a pupil can pass by cramming the texts.
P. But for spiritual knowledge mere memory of holy texts will be of no use in passing the tests. Q. One can score in them by the power of memory.
R. A competent guru alone can provide the necessary guidance to an earnest disciple.
S. What the text says has to be reflected upon and experienced by the speaker.
6. Thus, reading, reflection and experience are the three stages in gaining spiritual knowledge.

A) RSPQ     B) RSQP     C) SRPQ     D) QPSR

1. Many people believe that it is cruel to make use of animals for laboratory studies.
P. They point out that animals too have nervous systems like us and can feel pain.
Q. These people, who have formed the Anti-vivisection society, have been pleading for a more humane treatment of animals by scientists.
R. Monkeys, rabbits, mice and other mammals are used in large numbers by scientists and many of them are made to suffer diseases artificially produced in them.
S. We can avoid such cruelty to animals if we use alternative methods such as tissue culture, gas chromatography and chemical techniques.
6. It is in view of these facts that the Government of India has banned the export of monkeys to America.

A) QPRS     B) PRQS     C) QRSP     D) PSQR

1. The fox and the crane remained friends for a long time.
P. She served the dishes in a beaker to the fox. The fox could not eat it because the beaker was very high.
Q. The crane could not eat the dishes because of its long beak. The next day it was the turn of the crane to host the lunch for the fox.
R. But the fox wanted to show that he was cleverer than the crane.
S. So one day he invited the crane for dinner and served the dishes on a plate.
6 The Fox put down its head in shame and went away.

A) PQRS     B) QSRP     C) RSQP     D) PSQR

1. Society in every country shapes itself out of its own initiative.
P. No one can or ought to do this for them.
Q. Our part of duty lies in imparting true education to all men and women in the society.
R. Women must be put in a position to solve their own problems in their own way.
S. It will not be, then, necessary to pull down or set us anything in society by coercion.
6. And our Indian women are as capable of doing it as any other in the world.

A) SRQP     B) QRSP     C) QSRP     D) SRPQ

1. Memories of childhood are unforgettable.
P. I broke my leg and was in plaster for two months.
Q. I clearly remember how everybody in the house was weeping.
R. Once my mother loved me very much when I had a bad accident.
S. I was four years old when my grandfather died.
6. These and other memories still come on the inner screen of my mind very often.

A) SQRP     B) SRQP     C) SQPR     D) SRPQ

1. There are numerous kinds of superstitions in different parts of the country.
P. But people go on respecting it through force of blind custom.
Q. Most of them have a bearing on ‘luck’—good or bad.
R. Superstitions usually have their origin in fear and ignorance.
S. Nobody remembers now, how a superstition first started in remote ages.
6. A dog’s howling predicts death—this is a typical superstition.

A) QPRS     B) RSPQ     C) RSQP     D) QSPR

1. I had not gone far when it began to rain heavily.
P. Soon the roads began to overflow and the traffic got jammed.
Q. I found some buses deserted in deep waters.
R. I went from one road to another to get a clear passage to my office.
S. But to my ill luck, I found the traffic jammed on every road.
6. I could reach my office only after three hours of great labour.

A) PSRQ     B) PRSQ     C) PQSR     D) SPRQ

1. Sunbirds are among the smallest of Indian birds.
P. Though they are functionally similar to the humming birds of the new world, they are totally unrelated.
Q. They do eat small insects too.
R. They are also some of the most brilliantly-coloured birds.
S. Sunbirds feed mostly on nectar and help in pollination.
6. Our common sunbirds are the purple sunbird, the glossy black species and purple-rumped sunbird, the yellow and maroon species.

A) SQPR     B) RPSQ     C) QPRS     D) PSRQ

1. Unemployment is a burning problem of India today.
P. They do not get proficiency in some technical lines.
Q. The result is that our young men roam about on the roads.
R. Our schools and universities produce more job-seeking men than the jobs available.
S. The young men only want office jobs.
6. The incidents of thefts and other unsocial acts are due to unemployment.

A) RQPS     B) RPQS     C) RSPQ     D) RSQP

1. In 1934, William Holding published a small volume of poems.
P. During the World War II (1939–45), he joined the Royal Navy and was present at the sinking of the Bismarck.
Q. He returned to teaching in 1945 and gave it up in 1962, and is now a full-time writer.
R. In 1939, he married and started teaching at Bishop Wordsworth’s School in Salisbury.
S. At first, his novels were not accepted.
6. But Lord of the Flies, which came out in 1954, was welcomed as “a most absorbing and instructive tale’’.

A) RPQS        B) RPSQ        C) SRPQ         D) SQPR

1. Strikes means not to go for work.
P. Strikes are not bad but their method is bad.
Q. It is a weapon of the weak against the strong.
R. The workers often resorts to strikes to highlight their demands.
S. Worker should not go on strikes for longer periods.
6. Let the production not suffer.

A) QPRS     B) QSPR     C) QRPS     D) RQPS

1. The heart is the pump of life.
P. They have even succeeded in heart transplants.
Q. Now-a-days, surgeons are able to stop a patient’s heart and carry out complicated operations.
R. A few years ago, it was impossible to operate on a patient whose heart was not working properly.
S. If the heart stops, we may die in about five minutes.
6. All this was made possible by the invention of the Heart Lung Machine.

A) SRQP     B) SPRQ     C) SQPR     D) SRPQ

1. Morning walk has many advantages.
P. Those who go for morning walk can breathe in the fresh air.
Q. They refresh their mind and body and lose their tension.
R. Their heart becomes stronger.
S. Air is cool and fresh in the morning.
6. They remain happy all the day.

A) RSQP     B) SRQP     C) SQRP     D) SPQR

1. On vacation in Tangier, Morocco, my friend and I sat down at a street cafe.
P. At one point, he bent over with a big smile, showing me a single gold tooth and a dingy fez.
Q. Soon I felt the presence of someone standing alongside me.
R. But this one wouldn’t budge.
S. We had been cautioned about beggars and were told to ignore them.
6. Finally, a man walked over to me and whispered, “Hey buddy! this guy’s your waiter and he wants your order.

A) SQRP        B) SQPR        C) QSRP         D) QSPR

1. I had a pleasant dream last night.
P. There was a merit list.
Q. And in happiness I was awakened by my mother.
R. My name was at the top and I was very happy.
S. I saw my friend in my dream who had a newspaper in his hand.
6. She had a newspaper in her hand and the newspaper still showed me on top.

A) SPRQ     B) SRQP     C) SQRP     D) PSRQ

1. Our ancestors thought that anything which moved itself was alive.
P. This philosopher ‘Descartes’ thought that both men and animals were machines.
Q. But a machine such as a motorcar or a steamship moves itself, and as soon as machines which moved themselves had been made, people asked, “Is man a machine?”
R. And before the days of machinery that was a good definition.
S. He also thought that the human machine was partly controlled by the soul action on a certain part of the brain, while animals had no souls.
6. Therefore, some scientists think that life is a very complicated mechanism.

A) PRSQ     B) RPQS     C) PSQR     D) RQPS

1. Smoking is very injurious to health.
P. It affects lungs and causes serious diseases.
Q. It is harmful both to a smoker and his companion.
R. It pollutes the environment too.
S. One of the chief causes of ailment is smoking.
6. Government should take steps to fine the people smoking at public places.

A) QSPR     B) QPSR     C) PRQS     D) PRSQ

1. Adult education is essential for democracy of India.
P. The number of grown up illiterates is great.
Q. All college and senior school students should come forward to educate the illiterates.
R. They should visit villages in the summer vacation.
S. Each one will teach one there.
6. This will remove illiteracy and strengthen our democracy.

A) PQRS     B) PRQS     C) SQRP      D) QRPS

1. Punctuality means time-sense.
P. It is the ornament of a gentleman and a weapon in the hands of a boss.
Q. To fulfil your assignments on time is punctuality.
R. They finish their job in time and are able to give finishing touches needed for the job.
S. Those who are punctual are loved and liked by all.
6. They never miss golden chances and are always successful in life.

A) PRSQ     B) PQRS     C) QSPR     D) QPSR

1. Rising prices have made the life of common man very difficult.
P. It should distribute essential commodities at fair price shops.
Q. The greedy traders raise prices to get more profit.
R. The Government should help the people.
S. The hoarders are chiefly responsible for the rising prices.
6. It should also take steps to check hoarding.

A) SQRP     B) QPRS     C) SPQR     D) QRPS

1. Population problem is a major problem of India.
P. There are more men on the same land.
Q. We will have to make more schools, more hospitals and more essential things for the growing population.
R. There is no increase in our resources.
S. But there is a regular increase in our population.
6. If we do not check this problem, poverty will soon overtake us.

A) RSPQ     B) RPSQ     C) PRSQ     D) QPRS

1. My Visit to a science fair in D.A.V. Senior Secondary School, Shalimar Bagh was a happy experience.
P. These model inventions showed the progress of science in our schools.
Q. The best exhibit was a robot that served us tea.
R. The young scientists were explaining their inventions with pride.
S. There were 160 exhibits on display.
6. The fair showed the future greatness of our country.

A) RPQS     B) QRPS     C) SPRQ     D) PRSQ

Answer Keys

1. A 2. A 3. D 4. D 5. A 6. C 7. C 8. A 9. B 10. B
11. A 12. C 13. A 14. C 15. A 16. D 17. C 18. A 19. C 20. D
21. A 22. D 23. A 24. A 25. C

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘A’ (SPRQ)

In 1 we are told they are THOUGHTS that make us; in S the THOUGHTS is further elaborated. So S should be our first choice. S as first choice is only available in option ‘A’.

2. Option ‘A’ (PQRS)

RS is making a good pair.

3. Option ‘D’ (SQRP)

In 1 we are told that a spider’s web looks very beautiful after rain; in S we are told that why a spider’s web looks beautiful after rain. So S should be our first choice. S as first choice is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘D’. But option ‘A’ is not possible after S as it’s not making any sense.

4. Option ‘D’ (QPSR)

In 1 we are told that a student can pass an exam just by cramming the texts; Q says that POWER OF MEMORY can help a student score marks. We all know CRAMMING is good when one’s MEMORY POWER is good. So, our first choice should be Q. Q as first choice is only available in option ‘D’.

5. Option ‘A’ (QPRS)

Q is further elaborating the point said in 1; in P we have pronoun THEY that must stand for THESE PEOPLE in the given circumstances. So, QP is making a good pair. You see this pair is only available in option ‘A’.

7. Option ‘C’ (QSRP)

1 tells us that how the society shapes itself; Q says about our role in the society. So our first choice will be Q. Also THEM is the pronoun for WOMEN, means RP is making a good pair. Keeping all that in mind we see only option ‘C’ is correct.

8. Option ‘A’ (SQRP)

SQ and RP are making good pairs; both these pairs are only available in option ‘A’

9. Option ‘B’ (RSPQ)

IT in P is the pronoun of SUPERSTITION in S as IT can’t stand as a pronoun for a plural noun. So, SP is making a good pair. Also Q should be our last choice; Q says a superstition can be GOOD or BAD, in 6 we are told A DOG’S HOWLING is considered to be BAD. In the light of above you can see that only option ‘B’ is correct.

10. Option ‘B’ (PRSQ)

R says he went FROM ONE ROAD TO ANOTHER; S says he found the traffic jammed ON EVERY ROAD, means RS is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘B’.

11. Option ‘A’ (SQPR)

R says sunbirds are found in many colours; 6 says what those colours are. So, R should be our last choice; R as the last choice is only available in pair ‘A’.

12. Option ‘C’ (RSPQ)

S says young man want office jobs; P says they do not get proficiency in some technical lines. So we see SP is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘C’.

13. Option ‘A’ (RPQS)

Q says William Holing became a full time writer; 6 names one of the novels he wrote (Lord of the Flies), means S should be our last choice. S as last choice is only available in option ‘A’.

15. Option ‘A’ (SRQP)

P should be our last choice as it matches well with 6. HEART LUNG MACHINE = a machine that temporarily takes over the functions of the heart and lungs, especially during heart surgery.

16. Option ‘D’ (SPQR)

SP is making a good pair with 1; this pair is only available in option ‘D’.

17. Option ‘C’ (QSRP)

You can understand Q should be our first choice. Q as the first choice is available in two options ‘C’ and ‘D’. But P after S is not making a sense, so option ‘D’ is rejected.

19. Option ‘C’ (PSQR)

HE in S is the pronoun for PHILOSOPHER in P, so PS is making a good pair. The pair PS is available in two options ‘C’ and ‘D’. But R is not possible as the first choice, so option ‘D’ is rejected.

20. Option ‘D’ (PRSQ)

Q says smoking is harmful to smoker’s companion also; 6 says government should take steps to ban it at public places. So Q should be our last choice. Q as the last choice is only available in option ‘D’.

22. Option ‘D’ (QPSR)

THEY is pronoun for THOSE, so SR is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘D’.

23. Option ‘A’ (SQRP)

IT in P is the pronoun for GOVERNMENT in R; so RP is making a good pair. This pair is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘D’. But S is not making a sense after P, so option ‘D’ is rejected.

24. Option ‘A’ (RSPQ).

BUT is used for contrasting idea. NO INCREASE IN RESOURCES and REGULAR INCREASE IN POPULATION are those contrasting ideas. Therefore RS is making a good pair. S says about REGULAR INCREASE IN POPULATION; P says the result of this – MORE MEN ON THE SAME LAND. Therefore P should be immediately after S. By the above option ‘A’ is our answer.

25. Option ‘C’ (SPRQ).

1 says there was a fair; S says there were 160 exhibits on display. It means our first choice should be S, but S as the first choice is only available in option ‘C’.

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