Practice Sets - EnglishSentence Rearrangement

Sentence Rearrangement (Solved Practice Set-3)

Practice Set 3: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

1. Information Technology is a recent development.
P. These changes are attributed to the Internet, website, e-mail and Fax.
Q. As a result of these techniques, the whole world has shrunken into a global village.
R. The invention of computer has accelerated the speed of computing.
S. It has brought about revolutionary changes in the field of communication.
6. Browsing Internet has become a regular feature.

A) QPRS     B) SRPQ     C) QRPS     D) SPRQ

1. The telephone is the most tyrannical of all the machines we have invented.
P. We might be watching television, reading a book, or doing some gardening.
Q. It uses us more than we use it.
R. But at the first summon, we hasten to answer its call.
S. It rings frantically whenever we are in the middle of doing something else.
6. Are we not like slaves hastening to their whip-cracking masters?

A) SPRQ     B) SRPQ        C) QSPR     D) QPSR

1. One day G. Washington was riding along a road.
P. The beam was too heavy to lift without help.
Q. The Corporal was giving them orders.
R. On the way, he saw soldiers lifting a heavy beam.
S. They needed just one more man.
6. G. Washington dismounted and helped the soldiers to lift the beam.

A) RQPS     B) QPRS        C) SQRP         D) QRPS

1. There was a boy named Ali.
P. They asked him to find work.
Q. He lived with his parents.
R. But Ali refused to work.
S. They were very poor.
6. They asked him to leave the house.

A) RQPS     B) PSQR        C) QSPR         D) SQPR

1. The second centre is much smaller.
P. It will be known as Dhana Dhanya Cultural Complex.
Q. It will come up at Alipore.
R. The State Government has decided to setup this centre.
S. But it is equally attractive.
6. This will be built in the memory of Dwijendralal Roy.

A) PQSR        B) RQSP        C) SQPR         D) QPSR

1. Siem Reap is a small town near the temple of Angkor Wat.
P. There are some fine examples of Khmer and French architecture.
Q. The town is charming and worth exploring.
R. In Angkor Wat you will find more than 100 stone monuments and temples.
S. Now a days, visitors are using it as a base for visits to nearby temples.
6. To see the whole town can take several days.

A) QPSR     B) PSRQ        C) RSPQ         D) SPRQ

1. The north-eastern region presents a diverse system of habitats, ranging from tropical rainforests to alpine meadows.
P. In eastern Himalayas the rainfall ranges from 125 to 300 cm, in Assam from 178 to 305 cm.
Q. The temperature in the region varies with location, elevation, topography, rainfall and humidity.
R. The uneven distribution affects the region in two opposite ways, floods and droughts.
S. It is largely a humid tropical region with two periods of rainfall; the winter rains come from the west and the summer rains are brought by the monsoon winds.
6. The winter temperature in Shillong, for example, varies from 4°C to 24°C; in Gangtok from 9°C to 23°C.

A) QRSP     B) SPRQ        C) PQRS         D) RSQP

1. On vacation in Tangier, Morocco, my friend and I sat down at a street cafe.
P. At one point, he bent over with a big smile, showing me a single gold tooth and a dingy fez.
Q. Soon I felt the presence of someone standing alongside me.
R. But this one wouldn’t budge.
S. We had been cautioned about beggars and told to ignore them.
6. Finally a man walked over to me and whispered, “Hey buddy, this guy is your waiter and he wants to take your order”.

A) SQRP     B) SQPR        C) QSRP         D) QSPR

1. The manual typewriter is worked by hand.
P. The required letter is thus printed on the paper.
Q. When one of the keys is tapped, a hammer goes and strikes the ribbon against the blank paper.
R. Then the roller automatically moves on, another key is tapped and the next letter is printed.
S. A sheet of paper is clipped against the roller.
6. A person who knows typing, can really work fast on this machine.

A) SQPR     B) RPQS        C) PSQR         D) QPSR

1. I usually sleep quite well in the train, but this time I slept only a little.
P. Most people wanted it shut and I wanted it open.
Q. Soon there was a quarrel about the window.
R. The quarrel left me completely upset.
S. There were too many people and too much luggage all around.
6. The window was shut all night as usual.

A) RSQP     B) SQPR        C) SQRP         D) RSPQ

1. We stayed on the second floor of an individual house.
P. Then she would add the three fourths water that he would anyway add to the milk.
Q. One day she said to him that he was too old to climb upstairs with the heavy can of milk.
R. My mother was very angry with the old man who brought diluted milk to us.
S. She suggested to him that he should come up with the can, one fourth full with milk.
6. So that he was not burdened with climbing upstairs with the heavy can.

A) QRSP     B) RQSP        C) PQRS         D) SPRQ

1. Reporters gather news for newspaper.
P. The newspaper is sent to the distributors.
Q. The news is classified and arranged by the editors.
R. It is printed in the press.
S. Then the newspapers are sent to news agencies.
6. The news agencies sell the newspapers.

A) SRPQ     B) RPSQ        C) QRPS         D) PRQS

1. The trial of Madhuri Gupta began on the morning of 22 March 2012, almost two years after she was first taken into police custody.
P. She was released on bail after having already served 21 months in Tihar jail waiting for a trail.
Q. Shortly before 10 a.m., Gupta was chatting amiably with the policemen on duty at North Delhi’s Tis Hazari Courts Complex.
R. She had been jailed until January of this year, when she was formally charged with violating the official Secrets Act, 1923.
S. Home to about 400 courtrooms, the complex is among the largest of its kind in Asia.
6. The place presents a dim picture of the depressing realities of justice at work.

A) PRSQ     B) QPSR        C) SRQP         D) RPQS

1. By 1 pm, the producers were ready and the show time sirens wailed.
P. He was wearing a skullcap and sported his now signature long beard.
Q. Jamshed was to pre-record episodes of ALIF LAAM MEEM, a 2011 Islamicised version of WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE for Geo TV.
R. Junaid Jamshed made his entrance, standing tall in a kurta.
S. We were at International Studios in Karachi.
6. Geo TV is one of Pakistan’s biggest TV networks.

A) PRQS     B) RPSQ        C) QSPR         D) PQRS

1. When he was a little boy, he lived on a farm in the country.
P. He used to feed the chicken in the morning.
Q. After lunch, it was too hot to work or play.
R. It was his grandfather’s vegetable farm.
S. Then he played in the fields until noon.
6. So everyone took a nap for two or three hours.

A) PQSR     B) RPQS        C) PSRQ         D) RPSQ

1. It was 7 o’ clock in the morning.
P. He was keenly looking at the approaching vehicles.
Q. His house was in the lead.
R. Shardul was waiting for his school bus.
S. Today is the final day of his school athletic meet.
6. As a leader of the house, he wanted to win the General Championship by scoring maximum points.

A) PRSQ     B) SRPQ        C) RSPQ         D) RPSQ

1. Little indeed is known of the origin of English literature.
P. This has not prevented some scholars from writing their ‘lives’ from hints in the texts themselves.
Q. So far as poets are concerned, again, little or nothing is known beyond the names of two of them.
R. We can be certain that poetry made its appearance long before the first prose was written down.
S. Critics have also relied on scanty contemporary references, and also a mass of conjecture that cannot be described as intelligent.
6. Notwithstanding the mists, old English literature has an amazing richness.

A) PQRS     B) SRQP        C) PRQS         D) RQPS

1. A film director decided to make a romantic film.
P. A long spell of audition was conducted to find a suitable heroine.
Q. Mr Mohan Lal was signed as the hero of the film.
R. The director wanted a new face for the heroine of his film.
S. Finally, he selected a young school girl for his film.
6. The film was a box office hit.

A) QRPS     B) QPSR     C) RPSQ         D) RPQS

1. Rohit went to the airport to see off his friend.
P. He explained that he had lost his bag in the crowd.
Q. Rohit asked him why he was worried and anxious.
R. Just then, a policeman was seen with a teenager who had a bag in his hand.
S. The friend appeared worried and anxious about something.
6. They told the policeman about their lost bag and claimed it.

A) QSPR     B) RPSQ        C) PQRS         D) SQPR

1. I boarded a bus from Tilak Nagar to the railway station.
P. It was very embarrassing when people looked at me as if I was a fool.
S. The conductor came and I asked for a ticket.
R. I was very happy to occupy a seat as I was sure that my journey will be comfortable.
S. He told me that I had boarded a wrong bus.
6. But the conductor was kind enough to tell me that I could get down on the next-stand and get bus to the station.

A) PSRQ     B) SPQR     C) PQSR         D) RQSP

1. Making ropes is one of the oldest trades in the world.
P. People used them for tethering animals, for drawing water from wells and for dragging large stones which were used in building.
Q. We know that people made ropes several centuries back.
R. They made them from camel hair and from twisted grass.
S. We have found pieces of rope in very old Egyptian tombs.
6. We have found too, ropes which were made of thin copper wire in the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed by a volcano 2000 years ago.

A) QSRP     B) PRQS        C) SQPR         D) QSPR

1. The king was distressed because his people were lazy.
P. All cursed the stone and blamed the government.
Q. Then the king had the stone removed.
R. Next day people passed by and went round it.
S. He had a big stone put in the middle of the road one night.
6. Under the stone the king had placed a purse full of money.

A) PSRQ     B) SRPQ     C) QPRS         D) PQRS

1. September 2005.
P. I felt such a great weight on me that I could barely move.
Q. As the doors closed behind me, I was overcome by deep loneliness and despair.
R. I was leaving behind my family and I didn’t know when I would see them again.
S. I was going through the departure gate at the airport in Holguin, Cuba.
6. In my hands I held my prayer book.

A) RSQP     B) RQPS     C) SQRP         D) PSRQ

1. The recipe of making white sauce is very simple.
P. Stir the mixture of maida and butter constantly.
Q. Put one table spoon of fine flour (maida) when the butter gets heated.
R. Heat one table spoon of butter in a pan.
S. Add one cup of milk to the mixture and cook for one minute.
6. Add salt and pepper to taste.

A) QRSP     B) PRQS     C) SRQP         D) RQPS

1. I can’t stand here and promise that your future path is going to be wonderful.
P. Whatever one feels like doing today is set up as moral.
Q. People don’t even pretend to care about what is right.
R. Instead, it might be very difficult, because our time is different than some other eras in human history.
S. If you look around, you can see that, little by little, it is a path leading to our destruction.
6. I am afraid that this legacy of freedom is facing an uncertain future.

A) PSRQ        B) RQPS        C) QSRP         D) PQRS

Answer Keys

1.       D 2.      C 3.      A 4.      C 5.      C 6.      A 7.      B 8.     B 9.      A 10.  B
11.   B 12.  C 13.  D 14.  B 15.   D 16.  D 17.   D 18.  A 19.  D 20. D
21.  A 22. B 23. C 24. D 25.  B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘D’ (SPRQ). All the given options begin with either Q or S. But if we take the sentence given at Q as our first choice it’s not making a sense, so both Options ‘A’ and ‘C’ are rejected. Now according to other two options we have to check P and R. We see that P should be immediately before R.

2. Option ‘C’ (QSPR). All the given options begin with either Q or S. But if we take the sentence given at S as our first choice it’s not making a sense as ringing of telephone in the middle of doing something else can’t make a thing tyrannical, TYRANNICAL = showing cruelty.

Therefore both options ‘A’ and ‘B’ are rejected. Now according to other two options we have to check P and S. We see that S should be our choice. Means S will come after Q.

3. Option ‘A’ (RQPS). We see that R should be our first choice. Q should be our next, you see THE CORPORAL was giving orders to them, of course THEM is a pronoun for SOLDIERS here, so it must come immediately after R. CORPORAL = a person of low rank in the army or the air force

5. Option ‘C’ (SQPR). S will be our first choice. BUT is used to join two contrasting ideas. SMALLER and ATTRACTIVE are contrasting words.

6. Option ‘A’ (QPSR). Q should be our first choice. SIEM REAP IS A TOWN and THE TOWN are joining themselves beautifully. When a thing is repeated we use the article THE with the second.

7. Option ‘B’ (SPRQ). S should be our first choice as IT is a pronoun for THE NORTH-EASTERN REGION. This sentence is telling us more about the region. Also Q and 6 are making a good pare in Q6.

8. Option ‘B’ (SQPR). SR is making a good pair.

10. Option ‘B’ (SQPR). QP is making a good pair after S.

13. Option ‘D’ (RPQS). In Q there is a mention of the COURTS COMPLEX and in S we are told what this complex is, it’s home to about 400 courtrooms and it’s the largest in Asia. Thus QS is making a good pair, it’s only available in option ‘D’ (RPQS).

14. Option ‘B’ (RPSQ). Q6 is making a good pair; in Q we are told that Jamshed was to record the episode for GEO TV, in 6 we are told what GEO TV is. Accordingly Q should be our last choice. Option ‘B’ only has Q at the end.

15. Option ‘D’ (RPSQ). In the sentence at S we are told he played until noon. We know we take lunch at this time. Sentence at Q is telling us it was too hot to work or play after lunch, means he took his lunch after he had finished playing. Thus we can say SQ is a pair for the answer. But this pair is only available at option ‘D’.

17. Option ‘D’ (RQPS). We see at R when poetry made its appearance. We know poetry is composed by poets. Q is mentioning about poets, so we can say RQ is making a good pair. But, you see, three options namely options ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’ have RQ.

Now according to these options either P or S should be our next choice. We see S is not making any sense just after RQ, S also cannot be taken as the first choice, hence Option ‘B’ is incorrect and, therefore, our option is ‘D’ (RQPS). WRITING LIFE (here writing their lives) = to write memories, experiences, etc.

18. Option ‘A’ (QRPS). R cannot be our first choice as it’s logical to understand that any hero or heroine won’t be ready unless he or she is not known with the identity of the other partner.

19. Option ‘D’ (SQPR). Q can’t be our first choice as it’s not mentioned in the sentence at 1 that his friend was worried.

20. Option ‘D’ (RQSP). R should be our first choice. In sentence at 1 he boarded the bus, and in sentence at R he occupied the seat, which is a right order.

21. Option ‘A’ (QSRP). Though the sentence at P is very good to be taken as the first choice, no other sentence is making a sense if added after it. So our first choice should be Q. In Q we are told that people made ropes several centuries back, the sentence at S proves it as the ropes were found in Egyptian tombs, which are very old.

22. Option ‘B’ (SRPQ). No other sentence except S is making a meaningful combination with 1, so option ‘B’ only is the correct option.

23. Option ‘C’ (SQRP). Only sentence at S is making good sense after 1. Only option ‘C’ is beginning with S.

25. Option ‘B’ (RQPS). Only sentence at R is making good sense after 1. Only option ‘B’ is beginning with R.

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