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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 4

Practice Set 4: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

1. Once upon a time an ant lived on the bank of a river.
P. The dove saw the ant struggling in water in a helpless condition.
Q. All its efforts to come up failed.
R. One day it suddenly slipped into the water.
S. A dove lived in a tree on the bank not far from the pot.
6. She was touched

A) PQRS     B) QRPS     C) RQSP       D) SRPQ

1. Music, like literature, is an art that deals with sound.
P. Literature makes use of words which are sounds.
Q. They also have meanings.
R. And the writer must be concerned with the effect produced by the sounds he uses.
S. But words are not only sounds.
6. They refer to specific things other than themselves such as objects and ideas.

A) PRSQ     B) PSQR     C) RPSQ       D) SRPQ

1. In 1945, America faced two powerful enemies in the world war.
P. America found conventional weapons insufficient to crush them.
Q. These were Germany and Japan who posed strong opposition to America.
R. The result of this was the production of the atom bomb.
S. The government ordered the scientists to conduct research and produce a new deadly weapon.
6. This was the weapon that ended the second world war.

A) QPSR        B) PQRS        C) QPRS         D) PQSR

1. We speak today of self-determination in politics.
P. So long as one is conscious of a restraint, it is possible to resist it or to bear it as a necessary evil and to keep free in spirit.
Q. Slavery begins when one ceases to feel the restraint and it depends on if the evil is accepted as good.
R. There is, however, a subtle domination exercised in the sphere of ideas by one culture on another.
S. Political subjection primarily means restraint on the outer life of people.
6. Cultural subjection is ordinarily of an unconscious character and it implies slavery from the very start.

A) RSPQ     B) RSQP     C) SPQR       D) SPRQ

1. Advertising is also advantageous to the consumers, if it increases the sale of goods, industry prospers and prices may be reduced.
P. There is no obvious connection, for example, between a picture of a smiling girl and a certain brand sweets.
Q. The advertiser’s assumption is that by looking at such pictures, the consumer would be influenced to buy his products.
R. On the other hand, much of the canvassing, of which the consumer is the object, does not convey information but endeavours merely to draw the public attention to certain products.
S. But most people like looking at the pictures of pretty girls.
6. Advertising of this particular kind is planned to stimulate new wants or to induce the buyers to change their habits.

A) RQSP     B) SPRQ     C) RPSQ        D) SQRP

1. Creating and modifying a school timetable is a complex task.
P. ‘TT Plus’ closely models the real world timetable creation tasks.
Q. So is the job of computerizing it.
R. All timetables can be viewed on the screen before they are actually printed.
S. It has a comprehensive manual and useful glossary of terms.
6. It relieves you of the anxiety to get it all right.

A) QPSR     B) RPSQ     C) SPRQ       D) PQSR

1. We are living in an age in which technology has suddenly ‘annihilated distance’.
P. We have never been so conscious of our variety as we are now that we have come to such close quarters.
Q. Physically, we are now all neighbours, but psychologically, we are still the strangers to each other.
R. Are we going to let this consciousness of our variety make us fear and hate each other?
S. How are we going to react?
6. In that event, we should be dooming ourselves to wipe each other out.

A) QPSR     B) QPRS     C) PRQS       D) SRPQ

1. My dear wife
P. but she was calm
Q. as I thus spoke to my sons
R. could not hide the tears
S. and knelt down to pray
6. while the boys clung round her

A) RQPS     B) QRSP     C) QPRS       D) RSQP

1. Mom was pleased to receive your wishes on her birthday.
P. Girl! Wishes are more powerful than any other thing in the world.
Q. Both of us had forgotten the day.
R. Your letter holds a proof of it.
S. It was your letter and the card which reminded us of it.
6. Your Mom has forgotten all the bitterness and sent her blessings to you.

A)  PSQR     B) QRSP     C) RQSP       D) QSPR

1. Planning
P. as a method for
Q. has been declared in India
R. a body of common aims
S. achieving and evolving
6. and techniques to be pursued on a national scale.

A) QRSP     B) SQRP     C) QPSR       D) PRSQ

Answer Keys

1. C 2. A 3. A 4. C 5. C 6. A 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. C

Solution with explanation

2. Option ‘A’ (PRSQ). P says LITERATURE makes use of sounds; the person who writes a piece of literature is called WRITER. Therefore PR is making a good pair; this pair is only available in option ‘A’.

3. Option ‘A’ (QPSR). In S the scientists were given orders to produce a new deadly weapon; R says they produced the atom bomb. Therefore SR is making a good pair. This pair is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘D’. But our first choice can’t be P, so option ‘D’ is rejected.

4. Option ‘C’ (SPQR). Our first choice should be S and our last choice should be R you can see. SUBJECTION = the state of being under the political control of another country or state; e.g. The book discusses the political subjection of the island by its larger neighbour.

5. Option ‘C’ (RPSQ). P implies that most of the advertisements have beautiful/smiling girls in them, and it has no connection with the product, but S says most people like looking at those beautiful pictures of girls. Therefore we can say that PS is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘C’.

6. Option ‘A’ (QPSR). 1 says that creation of a school timetable is a difficult job; Q says computerization of it is equally difficult. So Q should be our first choice. Q as the first choice is only available in option ‘A’.

7. Option ‘B’ (QPRS). 1 says that technology has distanced us; Q is supporting this fact, it says that despite the fact we are neighbours we are strangers in fact, means we don’t have lost sympathy for each other. Q as the first choice is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘B’. But option ‘A’ can’t be correct as our last choice should be S, not R.

8. Option ‘A’ (RQPS). COULD NOT HIDE is in R is a verb, so it must have a subject; if we see only MY DEAR WIFE can be a subject. Therefore R should be our first choice. R as the first choice is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘D’; but option ‘D’ is incorrect as S after R is not making any sense.

9. Option ‘D’ (QSPR). Q says we had forgotten mother’s birthday; S says only someone’s letter and card reminded us of it. Therefore QS is making a good pair. This pair is only available in option ‘D’.

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