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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 7

Practice Set 7: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

1. Vinoo was to leave for Hyderabad by the 5 o’clock train.
P. Quickly, both got the luggage in and the train began to move.
Q. He drove to the station and reached a few minutes before the train was to leave.
R. However, Vinoo had a busy schedule on that day and could leave the office only around 4:45 PM.
S. He rushed on to the platform and found his friend waiting near their compartment.
6. Vinoo heaved a sigh of relief and settled down to enjoy the journey.

A) PQSR     B) RSQP     C) SQPR       D) RQSP

1. After the firing that evening the street that used to be full of people was completely deserted.
P. Nor were any windows open.
Q. Suddenly, I detected a movement to my left.
R. There was no trace of any human beings, and all doors were firmly closed.
S. Surprisingly, even the stray dogs had disappeared.
6. I was so frightened that I ran for my life.

A) PSQR     B) PQRS     C) RPSQ       D) RSPQ

1. Sunita Aralikar’s story is incredible but true.
P. Fortunately she was pulled out of the tiny grave by her maternal grandfather.
Q. Her mother died when she was fifteen days old.
R. Her grandfather decided to educate her on his own.
S. She was buried alive by her illiterate father the next day.
6. Today Sunita is an author and a well known social activist, fighting against female infanticide.

A) PQRS     B) SRQP     C) QSPR       D) PRSQ

1. It was my first day in college.
P. They took me to their room.
Q. As I entered, two seniors approached me.
R. I was happy to follow them.
S. They offered to help me to locate my classroom.
6. There they forced me to part with my money and the wrist watch.

A) PRQS     B) RPQS     C) QSRP       D) SPQR

1. The teacher asked the boys to be quiet.
P. The boys opened their books.
Q. Suddenly there was some noise outside.
R. Then he asked them to open their books.
S. The teacher looked outside.
6. A dog had entered in the school premises.

A) QSRP     B) PRSQ     C) RPQS       D) SQRP

1. Some animals like fishes lay eggs and leave them.
P. The mother does not care for the eggs at all.
Q. They lay thousands of eggs at a time but do not look after them.
R. Most of the eggs die and only a few of them develop into fishes.
S. She simply leaves the eggs and never comes back to them.
6. Is this not something terrible? Yet, it is a fact.

A) QPSR     B) PSQR     C) RQPS       D) QSPR

1. Why should I tell you again and again?
P. They know what they have to do.
Q. Don’t you know your duties?
R. Only you require to be told.
S. Other students need not be told.
6. I will not tolerate this anymore.

A) QSPR     B) QRPS     C) SPRQ      D) QPSR

1. One evening he lit a large lamp in the bedroom and sat near his wife.
P. ‘Why not?’ was the answer.
Q. ‘Whatever you like.’
R. ‘Shall I read you something?’ he asked.
S. ‘What shall I read?’ he continued.
6. He was somewhat taken aback by her answer.

A) RPSQ     B) SRQP     C) RQPS       D) SQPR

1. Marine biology is the study of organisms in the ocean.
P. At a fundamental level, marine life helps determine the very nature of our planet.
Q. Marine life is a vast resource.
R. Shorelines are also shaped and protected by marine life.
S. Marine organisms contribute significantly to the oxygen cycle.
6. Marine biology covers a great deal, from the microscopic to the huge whales.

A) PSRQ     B) QPSR     C) RPSQ       D) SPQR

1. Suddenly the man heard the low hum of an engine.
P. Instead, it grew louder and louder and seemed to be coming from above.
Q. At first he thought that it must be a car travelling along the road he had recently left.
R. He looked up quickly and saw an aeroplane cutting a crazy, zigzag path across the sky.
S. He expected the noise to fade away in the distance.
6. It disappeared for an instant behind some clouds, then emerged and plunged into the field.

A) QSPR     B) SPRQ     C) RPSQ       D) QPRS

Answer Keys

1. D 2. C 3. C 4. C 5. C 6. A 7. A 8. A 9. B 10. A

Solution with explanation

2. Option ‘C’ (RPSQ). RP is making a good pair. R says doors were closed; P says even a window was not open. This pair is only available in option ‘C’.

6. Option ‘A’ (QPSR). SR is making a good pair. S says the mother fish leaves the eggs; R says most of them (eggs) die. This pair in only available in option ‘A’.

7. Option ‘A’ (QSPR). Here THEY in P is a pronoun for OTHER STUDENTS in S, so SP is a good pair. This pair in available in two options ‘A’ and ‘C’, but S cannot be our first choice, so option ‘C’ is rejected.

9. Option ‘B’ (QPSR). All sentences are a description of MARINE BIOLOGY (marine life). Sentences at P, R and S are saying about benefits of marine life, means they are all specific descriptions. But the sentence at Q is just an introduction of marine life, means introductory description. Introductory description comes first, so the correct option is ‘B’.

10. Option ‘A’ (QSPR). R should be our last choice as it’s making a good combination with 6. R says the aeroplane cuts a crazy zigzag path in the sky; 6 says it plunges into the field.

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