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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 8

Practice Set 8: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

1. I got on a colourful bus filled with all kinds of strange people.
P. We arrived at a gate like the one in Salvador Dali’s paintings.
Q. The bus rode across the dirty expanses without roads.
R. At first, I wasn’t aware that the bus roof was loaded with drugs.
S. Everyone was filled with dust and often the wheels would sink into the soft soil.
6. It was a gate neither separated nor connected anything from or to anything.

A) QRSP     B) SPQR     C) RQSP      D) RSPQ

1. Prices of food products are going up.
P. Seven straight weeks of rising prices have burnt holes in common man’s pockets.
Q. But it ruled out any “blind control” to rein in the increasing rates.
R. Wholesale price-based inflation has already touched over a three-year high.
S. The government has admitted that containing inflation would be a more difficult task.
6. This may hurt economic growth and reforms.

A) SQRP     B) PQRS     C) PRSQ      D) RSQP

1. The biggest villain in Deadwood has always been one thing: Fire.
P. In less than an hour the flames were leaping through the tree-tops.
Q. In our own times, a great fire threatened the town yet again.
R. The wind roared through the forest carrying the flames almost to the edge of town.
S. It all began when some waste-paper caught fire at the foot of the valley.
6. Fire-brigades arrived from all parts of the country to save Deadwood.

A) RQSP     B) SQPR     C) PSRQ       D) QSPR

1. Health and fitness have now become one of the major concerns.
P. This made life active and alert.
Q. Earlier humans used to hunt for their living.
R. Now, life has become more simple and easy.
S. Due to which their body had to undergo a lot of physical exercise.
6. Everything we need is just a phone call away.

A) RPSQ     B) PQRS     C) QSPR      D) SRQP

1. My friend Peter went to live in a village.
P. But it was a very slow animal.
Q. So Peter bought a donkey for five hundred rupees.
R. One day his neighbour told him that he must buy a donkey.
S. Every family there had a donkey to carry things for them.
6. It did not like to work.

A) RSPQ     B) QPSR     C) SRQP      D) RSQP

1. The master returned home after sometime.
P. The snake was lying dead under the cradle.
Q. He went into the room where the baby was sleeping.
R. It had been killed by his dog.
S. He noticed a snake.
6. He realised that his dog had saved his baby.

A) SRPQ     B) QRPS     C) QSPR       D) PQRS

1. In summer tiny oysters are collected.
P. Then each oyster is taken out and a small hole is drilled in its shell.
Q. There they are kept for three years.
R. A tiny piece of sand is put inside the oyster.
S. They are placed in trays and planted in the sea.
6. Then the oysters are again left in the sea.

A) QSPR     B) SQPR     C) RPSQ       D) PSRQ

1. Time flows on without any stop.
P. In fact change is the law of nature.
Q. The condition in which a man lives; his ideas and thoughts are changing from age to age.
R. This is true not only of physical life.
S. That is why, things are always changing.
6. Thus, our mode of living and ideas are different from those of our grandfathers.

A) SRPQ     B) SQPR     C) SPQR       D) SPRQ

1. Adversity is a curse.
P. When everything goes on well, we are tempted to take matters easy.
Q. But, it has its uses also.
R. But adversity prompts us to exert ourselves.
S. We fall into a life of comfort and idleness.
6. This develops our latent powers, enabling us to prosper in life.

A) QSPR     B) QPSR     C) QRSP      D) QSRP

1. Giving advice is a difficult task.
P. Moreover one doesn’t know oneself, amid ambiguity, how can one know others.
Q. It is a wonder how such people like politicians, reformers and people suchlike are so confident as to invent measures to live their life.
R. Life is but one and mistakes are often irreparable.
S. Unless he knows another person, how can he advise?
6. I find it very difficult to give advice.

A) PSQR     B) QRPS     C) SQPR       D) RPQS

Answer Keys

1. C 2. C 3. D 4. C 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. D 9. B 10. B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘C’ (RQSP). QS is making a good pair. Q says the bus ran on dirty paths without roads; S says everyone was filled with dust. This pair is only available in option ‘C’.

2. Option ‘C’ (PRSQ). Q6 is making a good pair. Q says the government won’t control the inflation (rising prices) blindly; 6 says it may hurt economic growth. We know well that inflation weakens an economy.

3. Option ‘D’ (QSPR). R6 is making a good pair. R says the fire reached the town; 6 says fire-brigade arrived. But R as a last choice is available in two options ‘B’ and ‘D’. Option ‘B’ cannot be our answer as S must not be our first choice.

4. Option ‘C’ (QSPR). R6 is making a good pair. R says life now has become easy; 6 says everything is available just a phone call away.

5. Option ‘C’ (SRQP). RQ is making a good pair. In R Peter is suggested to buy a donkey; in Q he buys it. This pair is only available in option ‘C’.

6. Option ‘C’ (QSPR). PR is a good pair. P says the snake was dead; R is telling us by whom it was killed, IT is the pronoun for the snake here. The pair PR is only available in option ‘C’.

7. Option ‘B’ (SQPR). OYESTER = a large flat sea creature that lives in a shell

8. Option ‘D’ (SPRQ). Q6 is making a good pair. Q says our ideas change from age to age; 6 is telling us the reason why our ideas are different from those of our grandfathers. But we have two pairs of Q6. Option ‘A’ is incorrect as P is not making any sense after R.

10. Option ‘B’ (QRPS). S6 is making a good pair. But we have two pairs of S6. Option ‘D’ is incorrect as you cannot choose R as your first choice.

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