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Sentence Rearrangement Solved Practice Set 9

Practice Set 9: Sentence Rearrangement (Solved)

1. A traveller had spent many a year in Africa.
P. “How did you manage it?” asked one of his friends, greatly impressed.
Q. On his return home, he narrated his adventures to his friends.
R. “Oh, it was nothing”, replied the traveller.
S. “When I was in El Doab”, he said, “I made fifty Arabs run!”
6. “I ran, and they ran after me!”

A) RPQS      B) QRSP      C) QSPR      D) PQSR

1. Religion can bring revolution in the country.
P. Younger generation should read religious books.
Q. But it should be practised from within.
R. They will learn values of life from those books.
S. Their actions must be properly motivated.
6. Then they can be better human beings in Indian society.

A) QPRS      B) QRPS      C) RSPQ       D) PRQS

1. We wanted to relax and have fun.
P. All of us agreed to share responsibilities.
Q. Two of us took our cars.
R. We decided to go on a picnic at Lodhi Gardens.
S. Each one of us brought one dish, some fruits and sweets.
6. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and felt a welcome change in our monotonous life.

A) SPQR      B) PRQS      C) RPQS       D) SRPQ

1. My hobby is to collect thought provoking articles from newspapers, magazines and Journals.
P. It has made me a much sought after speaker.
Q. It keeps me updated and helps me in my profession.
R. My successful talks give me self-satisfaction and fame.
S. Whenever I have to deliver a talk on topics such as education, personality development, stress management, I have a lot to say.
6. There is no doubt that a hobby is a boon if it combines pleasure and usefulness.

A) QSPR      B) RSPQ      C) SPQR       D) PQRS

1. First deserve and then desire.
P. Earlier I was very ambitious and wanted to fulfil my desires by hook or by crook.
Q. One can be exposed any time and put to shame.
R. This saying proved to be a mantra for success in my life.
S. But I realised that success through short cuts is short-lived.
6. I followed this saying and today I am a successful businessman.

A) SPQR      B) RPSQ      C) PRSQ       D) QRPS

P. An interactive tool to
Q. available via the World Wide Web
R. a web search engine is
S. help people locate information

A) RPSQ      B) RQSP      C) PSRQ       D) QRPS

P. Unsurpassed power
Q. modern society
R. in
S. women enjoy

A) RQPS      B) SRPQ      C) SPRQ       D) PRSQ

P. Has been stagnant
Q. a soft drink market that
R. the ad is an attempt
S. to put some fizz into

A) QPSR      B) SRPQ      C) RSQP       D) SQPR

P. Go to the lady
Q. herself with impeccable majesty and wisdom
R. who has conducted
S. to a great extent the credit must

A) SPRQ      B) SQPR      C) SPQR       D) RSPQ

P. Adventure programmes
Q. adult programmes
R. more than
S. children watch

A) PSRQ      B) SQRP      C) PRSQ       D) SPQR

P. Would miss a very interesting game
Q. to be played
R. between two famous teams
S. he said that those who would not accompany him

A) SQRP      B) SRPQ      C) SPQR      D) QRPS

P. Reading books is a habit
Q. but also enlarges the mind
R. because it not only increases knowledge
S. which must be cultivated by everybody

A) PQRS      B) PSRQ      C) SPRQ       D) PQSR

P. American
Q. as men
R. earn as much
S. working women

A) PSQR      B) PRQS      C) SRQP      D) PSRQ

P. Is a risk of damage to the cornea
Q. can be cleared with
R. most eye infections
S. antibiotics but still there

A) RPQS      B) RQSP      C) SPQR      D) PRQS

P. The floor should
Q. be curtained to stop echoing
R. be carpeted
S. and the walls should

A) PRSQ      B) PQSR      C) PSRQ       D) PSQR

P. When engaged against the enemy
Q. the captain who was himself a brave man
R. never to lose heart
S. advised the soldiers

A) SQRP      B) QSRP      C) QPSR      D) PQSR

P. It is no surprise
Q. that Kerala has three international airports
R. has tourism as its core competency
S. for a state that

A) SRPQ      B) QPSR       C) SPQR      D) SQPR

P. Emerged out of its
Q. Chief Minister’s family for its electoral fortunes
R. in the past one year, the political party has
S. pathetic reliance on the

A) SQRP      B) RPSQ      C) PQRS       D) QSPR

P. On the cover page
Q. and publicity posters
R. who would look good
S. they prefer someone

A) SPQR      B) RPQS      C) PRSQ       D) SRPQ

P. No cultured society is possible
Q. without books no fresh ideas are possible
R. and
S. without fresh ideas

A) QRSP      B) PRSQ      C) RSQP       D) RSPQ

Answer Keys

1. C 2. A 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. A 7. C 8. C 9. A 10. B
11. C 12. B 13. D 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. A 18. B 19. D 20. A

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘C’ (QSPR). Q should be our first choice. 1 says someone spent some time in Africa; Q says he returns. But two options ‘B’ and ‘C’ begin with Q. Now according to these options our next choice should be either R or S, we see R after Q is not making a sense, hence option ‘B’ is incorrect.

2. Option ‘A’ (QPRS). Q should be our first choice as the pronoun IT can only stand for the noun RELIGION here. But two options ‘A’ and ‘B’ begin with Q. Now according to these options our next choice should be either P or R, We see R after Q is not making a sense, hence option ‘B’ is incorrect.

4. Option ‘A’ (QSPR). Our first choice should be Q as the pronoun IT stands for the noun HOBBY. In P the pronoun IT is for the noun HOBBY, rather it’s for the clause I HAVE A LOT TO SAY.

5. Option ‘B’ (RPSQ). R should be our first choice as sentence at 1 (FIRST DESERVE AND THEN DESIRE) is a saying.

6. Option ‘A’ (RPQS). R should be our first choice. But R as a first choice is available in two options ‘A’ and ‘B’. According to these options our next choice should be either ‘P’ or ‘Q’. But you see Q cannot be our next choice as S is not making a sense before Q. Hence option ‘B’ is incorrect.

8. Option ‘C’ (RSQP). Q cannot be our first choice. P adds to it well, but no other choice can be paired with P; hence option ‘A’ is rejected. Also S can’t be our first choice you see; hence option ‘B’ and option ‘D’ too are rejected.

9. Option ‘A’ (SPRQ). MUST is a modal verb, a modal verb must have a main verb. GO is a main verb, so SP should be a pair. But we have SP in two options ‘A’ and ‘C’. According to these options our next choice should be either Q or R; but here our next choice will be R as WHO is a relative pronoun of the noun LADY.

12. Option ‘B’ (PSRQ). WHICH is the relative pronoun of HABIT, not MIND as a physical thing can’t be cultivated. CULTIVATE = to develop something such as an attitude, ability, or skill; e.g. He’s  trying to cultivate a more caring image. So PS is making a good pair. You see PR is only available in option ‘B’.

14. Option ‘B’ (RQSP). P should not be our first choice as an assertive sentence cannot begin with the verb IS; hence option ‘D’ is rejected. S also cannot be our first choice you see. R as a first choice has P and Q, but P cannot be considered as IS can’t be the verb of INFECTIONS as it’s plural. Hence Option ‘A’ is rejected.

15. Option ‘A’ (PRSQ). A floor can’t be curtained. A curtain is a large piece of material which we hang from the top of a window. According to this definition WALLS can be curtained. So we can say PR and SQ are the desired pairs. This combination is only available in option ‘A’.

17. Option ‘A’ (SRPQ). Q cannot be our first choice as no other sentence is making a pair with it. When a sentence has no other sentence coming after it, it’s our last choice. Q as a last choice is only available in option ‘A’.

18. Option ‘B’ (RPSQ). ITS in P requires a noun as it’s an adjective. RELIANCE is that noun. So PS is making a good pair. It’s only available in option ‘B’.

19. Option ‘D’ (SRPQ). WHO is the relative pronoun of SOMEONE as WHO can only be a relative pronoun of people, so SR is making a good pair. SR is only available in option ‘D’.

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