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1. Have the car painted black.

Answer: C

Explanation: Option ‘C’. Normally we make a passive by BE + V3. We also make a sentence in the passive by HAVE + OBJECT + V3. Note how this construction has been used in the given sentence:

a) Have b) the car (object) c) painted (V3)

Hindi translation: किसी से कार का रंग काला पेंट करवा दो.

As this sentence is in the passive voice, it needs to be changed in the active. Hindi translation of the sentence in the active voice will be: कार को काले रंग से पेंट कराने के लिए किसी आदमी को बुलाओ. So the correct option is ‘Get someone to paint the car black.’ (option ‘C’)

NOTE: ‘Paint the car black.’ (option ‘A’) is not the correct change of voice of the given sentence as it implies that the person to whom the order was given, had to paint the car black himself, whereas he was given order to get this done by some other person.

2. The people regarded him an impostor and called him a villain.

Answer: A

Explanation: Option ‘A’. When two or more main verbs can correctly be associated with one single helping verb, we do not repeat the helping verb with each main verb, rather that helping verb is put only before the first main verb.

NOTE: Note that the following sentence is not correct as we need separate helping verbs with each main verb; HAVE BEEN with the first one and HAVE with the second.

INCORRECT: Ten new members have been enrolled and seven resigned.
CORRECT: Ten new members have been enrolled and seven have resigned.

3. English is spoken all over the world.

Answer: B

Explanation: Option ‘B’. The given sentence is in the passive voice; and while converting a sentence from the passive voice into the active voice, its object has to be made the subject of the sentence in the active voice. Now see what the object of the verb IS SPOKEN is. It’s not mentioned in the sentence. It implies that there are most of the persons doing it. Obviously PEOPLE is the most appropriate word here. Option ‘A’ is incorrect as it’s still is in the passive voice.

4. You will have to pull down this sky-scraper as you have not complied with the town planning regulations.

Answer: A

Explanation: Option ‘A’. When VERB + PREPOSITION is there in the active or passive, the preposition remains immediately after the verb in the passive and active also, so it will be COMPILED WITH in the passive also; e.g.

They threw away the old newspapers.
= The old newspapers were thrown away.

5. The school was damaged by the earthquake which caused havoc to other buildings as well.

Answer: B

Explanation: Option ‘B’. HAVOC also means damage. Option ‘A’ suggests that DAMAGE and HAVOC are two different things; thus wrong.

6. He presented me with a bouquet on my birthday.

Answer: A

Explanation: Option ‘A’. The verb PRESENT takes the preposition WITH when subject or object of the verb PRESENT is a person.

NOTE: The verb (PRESENT) in the sentence has two objects; so one more passive form is also possible:

A bouquet was presented to me on my birthday by him.

[Here we cannot use WITH as when subject of the sentence is a thing (not a person) we do not use WITH it.]

7. He asked me to finish the work in time.

Answer: C

8. Rajeev chose his words with care.

Answer: B

Explanation: Option ‘B’. The sentence in the active voice is in past tense; CHOSE is the past of CHOOSE. The three forms are CHOOSE, CHOSE, CHOSEN

NOTE: Sometimes possessive adjective (my, our, your, his, her, their, its, one’s) of the subject is mentioned in the object of the active voice, while converting such a sentence into the passive, normally we remove that possessive adjective and replace it with the article THE, though THE sometimes is not necessary; e.g.

a) We had already taken our meals.
= The meals had already been taken by us.

b) One must do one’s duty.
= Duty must be done.

9. We found him a good wife.

Answer: D

Explanation: Option ‘D’. The verb of the sentence has two objects, so we can make two passives of this.

a) He was found a good wife by us.
b) A good wife was found for him by us.

NOTE: Verbs that take two objects in the active voice, can be changed into passive with either of the objects as subject of the passive. But if the object denoting a person is not made the subject of the passive, a suitable preposition like TO, FOR, etc. is put before it.

The guard refused him admittance.
=He was refused admittance by the guard.
= Admittance was refused to him by the guard.

10. It is being read by us.

Answer: A

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