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FILL IN THE BLANKS CGL-22 Tier-I Selected Questions – Hindi Solution

1. Ram was praised for his ________ leadership.

Explanation: Option ‘B’.  Visionary = with the ability to imagine how a country,  society,  industry, etc. will develop in the future (दूरदर्शी); e.g.

Their success owes a lot to his visionary leadership.

2. If you try to do something every day you will ________ progress.

Explanation: Option ‘C’. Make progress = to move forward in one’s work or activity; e.g.

We’re not finished yet, but we’re making progress.

3. It is very difficult for her to ________.

Explanation: Option ‘A’. Keep a secret = not to tell anyone a secret that you know; e.g.

It’s hard to keep a secret in a school.

4. The planets are ________ around the sun.

Explanation: Option ‘A’

Revolving = Option ‘A’

Revolving = In REVOLVING we have two separate objects/things. If an object is revolving around another thing, then that other thing is outside that object; like in the given sentence we have two separate objects PLANETS and SUN and the sun is outside the planets.

Rotating = In ROTATING we have just one single object/thing. And that thing rotates around itself; like a top (लट्टू. When a top spins it doesn’t spin around another thing.

Circling = to move in a circle, often around something; e.g.

a) The plane circled for an hour before receiving permission to land.
b) Security staff circled the grounds of the house with guard  dogs  every  hour.

Rounding = to go around something; e.g.

Monu rounded the corner at high speed

5. If you are the one who is planning to lose weight, remember to keep your snacking _______.

Explanation: Option ‘D’. Moderate = neither small nor large in size, amount, degree, or strength; e.g.

a) The house is of moderate size- just right for a small family.
b) He’s a moderate drinker.
c) There has been a moderate improvement in her health since she  began  the  treatment.

Snacking = eatables (खाना-पान)

6. The monster trucks have very _______ engines, they can probably pull a train coach without any problem.

Explanation: Option ‘D. If something is able to pull a heavy object we should use a word to show its strength; therefore word POWERFUL only is correct here.

7. The contingent managed to ________ successfully.

Explanation: Option ‘B’. Close the deal = to make an agreement official (सौदा करना). In this meaning seal the deal is equally correct; e.g.

We were about to close/seal the deal when we realized that there was a mistake in the contract.

CONTINGENT = a group of people from the same country, organization, etc. who are attending an event (किसी सम्‍मेलन आदि में उपस्थित एक ही देश या संगठन के व्‍यक्तियों का दल); e.g.

The Indian contingent certainly made their presence known at this year’s  conference.

8. I was running late so I only had time for a _______ shower.

Explanation: Option ‘A’

Quick = We usually use QUICK for things happening in a short time, or a shorter than expected time; e.g.

INCORRECT: We stopped for a fast snack.
CORRECT: We stopped for a quick snack.

INCORRECT: I just need fast answer.
CORRECT: I just need a quick answer.

Fast = We use FAST for things that happen or go at high speed, e.g. a train, a person running:

INCORRECT: She loves quick cars.
CORRECT: She loves fast cars.

Hasty = acting or deciding something too quickly or without enough thought (अनावश्यक जल्दबाजी); e.g.

a) He warned against making hasty decisions.
b) We don’t want to make any hasty decisions.
c) We saw the rain and made a hasty retreat into the bar.
d) I think perhaps we were a little hasty in judging him.

Short = We use SHORT to describe lengths, heights or distances; e.g.

a) I’m fairly short but my brother’s very tall.
b) Her hair is much shorter than it used to be.
c) It’s only a short walk to the station.

9. The interviewees were slowly becoming impatient as they were left to ________ in the waiting room for hours.

Explanation: Option ‘B’. Cool one’s heels = इंतज़ार करना खासतौर पर जब वो इंतजार कष्टप्रद और उबाऊ हो; जैसे

The bank manager had asked to see her at four o’clock but she had to sit cooling her heels for almost 45 minutes.

10. When there are negative and toxic thoughts ________ your mind, you can never think positively.

Explanation: Option ‘C’. Clouding = to make something less clear (किसी चीज को अस्पष्ट कर देना)

11. The little boy demanded colourful balloons, ribbons in the village fair. When the father didn’t pay heed to his demands, the boy made a ________.

Explanation: Option ‘B’. Wry face = disappointing posture of face

12. Be it a chaat or a refreshing lemonade, lemon is the need of the hour in _______ summers.

Explanation: Option ‘C’. Scorching = very hot; e.g.

It was scorching hot inside the greenhouse.

13. One must learn to ________ a line between one’s private and professional life.

Explanation: Option ‘A’. Draw a line = to think or show that one thing is different from another; e.g.

It is, however, not possible to draw a distinct line between the two categories.

14. After having understood the ill effects, he said he would ________ drinking alcohol.

Explanation: Option ‘A’

Quit = to stop doing something or leave a job or a place; e.g.

a) I don’t know why she quit her job.
b) I’m going to quit smoking.
c) Quit wasting my time!
d) Press Q to quit the program.
e) Despite opposition from his family, he quit school  and became  an  actor.
f) Quit teasing your brother like that.

Finish = to complete something or come to the end of an activity; e.g.

a) I’ll call you when I’ve finished my homework.
b) Please place your questionnaire in the box when you’re finished.
c) She finished with a song from her first album.
d) She finished second in the finals.
e) Have you finished reading that magazine?
f) They’ve already run out of money and the building isn’t even half-finished.

15. The patient was ________ from the hospital.

Explanation: Option ‘B’. Discharged = to allow  someone officially  to leave  somewhere,  especially  a hospital or a law court; e.g.

a) Patients were discharged from the hospital because the beds were needed by other people.
b) More than half of all prisoners discharged are reconvicted within two years.



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