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Solution Sentence Improvement Practice Set 4 solved in English

Sentence Improvement PRACTICE  SET 4 SOLVED IN HINDI & ENGLISH (with options)



1. He performed below par in the examination.

Answer: B

Explanation: Option ‘B’. ‘Below par’ is an adjective, but in the sentence we need an adverb modifying/qualifying the verb ‘performed’. In the given options ‘poorly’ is only an adverb.

Remember that an adjective can modify only nouns and pronouns; words that modify a verb are called adverbs.

2. He was a hopeless doctor if ever I saw one.

Answer: D

Explanation: Option ‘D’. ‘If ever I saw one’ is a phrase which is used to emphasize  that what you are saying is true. We can also use ‘if ever there was one’ instead of ‘if ever I saw one’; both these phrases are the same; e.g.

It was a brilliant performance if ever I saw one.
= It was a brilliant performance if ever there was one.

Translation of the given sentence in Hindi: वह एक मेरी नजर में सबसे बेकार डॉक्टर था.

3. We are unwilling to make any concessions to their demands.

Answer: D

Explanation: Option ‘D’. Make concessions = a thing that is granted, especially in response to demands; e.g.

The government was unwilling to make any further concessions to there demands. (= सरकार उनकी मांगों को मानने के लिए और कोई छूट देने के लिए तैयार नहीं थी.) 

4. I wake up at 7 a.m. and eat breakfast at 8.30 a.m.

Answer: D

Explanation: Option ‘D’. When talking about a specific meal or food, the verbs ‘eat’ and ‘have’ are often interchangeable. That means the given sentence is correct. Though option ‘A’ is also correct, here we do not need to consider it because the given sentence is already correct.

5. Neither have his parents realized what was happening.

Answer: C

Explanation: Option ‘C’. Option ‘A’ is incorrect as if a plural noun is given after ‘Neither’ there must be the preposition ‘of’ after ‘neither’. It means option ‘A’ would have been correct if it was ‘Neither of his parents’. Option ‘C’ is correct because after ‘Neither’ we use singular nouns; e.g.

INCORRECT: I don’t like either pens.
CORRECT: I don’t like either pen. OR I don’t like either of the pens.

6. After several days’ tour, we became convinced that the climate of this place was like Srinagar in winter.

Answer: B

Explanation: Option ‘B’ (was like that of Srinagar in winter). In this sentence comparison is made between ‘the climate of a place’ and ‘the climate of Srinagar’ (not between climate of a place and Srinagar). Remember comparison is always made in two or more similar types of things. Therefore here we need a pronoun for ‘climate’; which will be ‘that’ here. The comparison is made using ‘like. Therefore we should use a correct noun/pronoun for climate after ‘like’; e.g.

INCORRECT: The price of this table is as much as that table.
CORRECT: The price of this table is as much as that of that table.

INCORRECT: The climate of Shimla is better than Delhi.
CORRECT: The climate of Shimla is better than that of Delhi.

INCORRECT: The people of Mumbai are more hard-working than Delhi.
CORRECT: The people of Mumbai are more hard-working than those of Delhi.

NOTE: But if there is a personal noun or pronoun instead of a thing, we can use possessive noun or pronoun as the case may be; e.g.

i) Mohan’s house is far bigger than Rohit’s. (not ‘John’)
ii) Mohan’s house is far bigger than yours. (not ‘You or your’)

7. In all likeness the company will fail to achieve its production targets this year.

Answer: B

Explanation: Option ‘B’. Likeness = If two things or people have a likeness to each other, they are similar to each other; resemblance; e.g. I don’t think she bears a likeness to her father. In all likelihood = almost certainly; e.g.

i) There is every likelihood that more jobs will be lost later this year.
ii) In all likelihood everything will go to plan.

The context of the sentence is very much clear that we are not talking about similarity between things. Here we are talking about ‘probability’; hence option ‘B’ is only correct.

Hindi translation of the given sentence = लगभग निश्चित रूप से कंपनी इस वर्ष अपने उत्पादन का लक्ष्य हासिल नहीं कर पाएगी.

8. Though a hero, he acted cowardly.

Answer: C

Explanation: Option ‘C’. In the given sentence we need a word modifying the verb ‘acted’. A word that modifies a verb is called an adverb. But, ‘cowardly’ is not an adverb; rather it’s an adjective. An adjective can modify only a noun or pronoun. The word ‘manner’ is a noun; therefore option ‘C’ (in a cowardly manner’) is correct.

9. P.T. Usha made her name in hundred meters race.

Answer: A

Explanation: Option ‘A’. In the given sentence ‘meters race’ is a compound noun (a noun made up of two or more words). Here we need this noun to be in the singular. Compound noun ‘meters race’ is incorrect as in this compound noun ‘meters’ is in the plural. Therefore the correct singular form of it will be ‘meter race’.

Words like Dozen, Hundred, Thousand, Million, etc. are not used alone, rather they take a definite number like one, two, three, etc. or an article before them. Option ‘B’ is incorrect as there is no number or article used before the word ‘hundred’. Now see these sentences; e.g.

INCORRECT: I bought dozen notebooks for my children yesterday.
CORRECT: I bought a dozen notebooks for my children yesterday.

10. My opinion of the play is that it will win the national award.

Answer: D

Explanation: Option ‘D’. Opinion of = judgment of one’s character or ability.

i) His opinion of Seema changed after she was so helpful at the wedding.
ii) I have a pretty poor opinion of my sister’s boyfriend.

Opinion about/on = one’s view or belief about someone or something; e.g.

i) My opinion about this movie is very good.
ii) I wasn’t asking for your opinion about/on the novel, Ravi.
iii) What’s your opinion about/on the matter?

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