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Solved Comprehension Passage 12


It is difficult to reconcile the ideas of different schools of thoughts on the question of education. Some people maintain that pupils at school should concentrate on a narrow range of subjects which will benefit them directly in their subsequent careers. Others contend that they should study a wide range of subjects so that they have not only the specialised knowledge necessary for their chosen careers but also sound general knowledge about the world they have to work and live in. 

Supporters of the first theory state that the greatest contributions to civilisation are made by those who are most expert in their trade or profession. Those on the other side say that, unless they have a broad general education, the experts will be too narrow in their outlook to have sympathy with their followers or a proper sense of responsibility towards humanity as a whole.

1. ‘Schools of thought’ can be explained as
A) groups of people whose job is to think
B) groups of people who are schooled to think
C) groups of people who study in a particular school thoughtfully
D) groups of people having the same ideas but with different perception on a particular subject

2. Broad general knowledge is necessary because
A) specialisation is incomplete without it
B) without it no one would get a job
C) it teaches us about different things
D) it broadens one’s outlook

3. The idea of the first school of thought in the passage is that
A) students should concentrate on studies
B) students should not undertake any specialised work
C) students should read all the subjects they want to
D) students should study a few subjects that will help them in their profession

4. Supporters of the first theory say that 
A) experts have contributed most to progress in the modern world
B) people with general knowledge have contributed to civilization
C) experts have done nothing to mankind
D) people with general knowledge are more useful than experts

5. According to the second school of thought, education will not be very effective if pupils
A) have inadequate knowledge of their own work
B) do not have a wide general education
C) ignore the study of fine arts
D) have nothing but general knowledge

Answer Key

1. D 2. D 3. D 4. A 5. B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘D’ (groups of people having the same ideas but with different perception on a particular subject). For example, ‘Some people maintain that pupils at school should concentrate on a narrow range of subjects’ is one school of thought; and ‘others contended that they should study a wide range of subjects’ is another school of thought.

2. Option ‘D’ (it broadens one’s outlook). The extract — unless they have a broad general education, the experts will be too narrow in their outlook — means broad general knowledge will help people broaden their outlook.

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