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Solved Comprehension Passage 14


After lunch, I felt at a loose end and roamed about the little flat. It suited us well enough when mother was with me, but now I was by myself; it was too large and I’d moved the dining room table into my bedroom. That was now the only room I used; it had all the furniture I needed; a brass bedstead, a dressing table, some cane chairs whose seats had more or less caved in, a wardrobe with a tarnished mirror. The rest of the flat was never used, so I didn’t trouble to look after it.

1. The flat did not really suit him anymore because
A) the rooms were too small
B) he was living on his own now
C) his mother needed too much rooms
D) the flat itself was too little

2. He did not look after the rest of the flat because
A) he did not use it
B) the bedroom was much too large
C) he needed only the brass bedstead
D) he had too much furniture

3.”… now I was by myself; it was too large”. The word ‘IT’ here refers to
A) the dining room table
B) the dining room
C) the bedroom
D) the flat

4. From the passage we learn that the writer was
A) scared of living alone in the flat
B) dissatisfied with the flat
C) satisfied with the space in his bedroom
D) an eccentric person

5. “After lunch I felt at a loose end” means
A) he had nothing specific to do
B) had a rope with a loose end
C) had much work to do
D) had a feeling of anxiety

Answer Key

1. B 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. A

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘B’ (he was living on his own now). Read this extract of the passage to get the answer — It suited us well enough when mother was with me, but now I was by myself; it was too large.

2. Option ‘A’ (he did not use it). Read the last sentence to get the answer.

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