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There is a general consensus that ‘International Understanding’ needs to be taught as a separate subject at the school stage as that would add to the curricular load which is already too heavy. Instead it should be woven into the curriculum and the numerous opportunities that present themselves while teaching normal school subjects may be intelligently and imaginatively used by the teacher to promote International Understanding.

The school subject which can be most profitably used for this purpose are History, Geography, Civics, Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Social Science, Languages as well as Physical and Life Science. However, at the higher education level, International Understanding can be prescribed as a separate subject of study. In fact, the present situation of India broadly conforms to this consensus so far as the school stage is concerned.

At the under-graduate and the post-graduate levels, courses of study in subjects like History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, International Law and International Organizational have been prescribed by most of the universities and these contain content which has a direct or indirect bearing on promoting UNESCO ideals.

1. How International Understanding can be taught at the school level?
A) Through various subjects like History, Civics, Geography, etc.
B) By giving numerous opportunities to the students
C) By combining the subject content with the curriculum
D) All of these

2. Which phrase from the passage means ‘combined with the curriculum’?
A) Intelligently and imaginatively used in the curriculum
B) Can be prescribed in the curriculum
C) Woven into the curriculum
D) None of the above

3. What are the two stages where “International Understanding” should be taught as a separate subject?
A) Primary and Secondary stage
B) Under-graduate and Post-graduate stage
C) Secondary and Under-graduation stage
D) Post-graduate and Doctoral stage

4. Which word out of the given options means ‘feeling of most people’?
A) Promote B) Numerous
C) Bearing D) Consensus

5. Which word from the passage is the opposite of the word – narrow?
A) Concern B) Broad
C) Direct D) None of the above

6. Find the word from the passage which means – advised.
A) Prescribed B) Proposed
C) Conformed D) Presented

7. Pick out the name of the subject which deals with ‘the study of society’.
A) Political Science B) Social Science
C) Sociology D) Life Sciences

8. On reading Para 1, it can be inferred that
A) All the subjects at school level may not be helpful in promoting international understanding.
B) School subjects may be used creatively to promote international understanding.
C) International Understanding may be treated as a separate subject in schools.
D) The school curriculum is too heavy to incorporate International Understanding.

9. The implied meaning of Para 3 is
A) Most of universities have prescribed learning of International Understanding.
B) The subject International Understanding is based on the UNESCO ideals.
C) International Understanding is to be taught only at undergraduate and post graduate level.
D) International Understanding contains subjects like International Relations, International  Organization.

10. Pick out the most probable meaning of the phrase: ‘most profitably used’.
A) Most fruitfully used
B) Most rewardingly used
C) Most valuably used
D) Most commercially used

Answer Key

1. D 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. B 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. A

Solution with explanation

4. Option ‘D’ (Consensus). CONSENSUS = a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people; e.g.

a) The general consensus in the office is that he can’t do his job.
b) Could we reach a consensus on this matter? Let’s take a vote.

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