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Solved Comprehension Passage 27


The achievement of science in the twentieth century has been very great. Its influence can be felt in every sphere of life. From the small pins and needles to the huge iron sheets and joints, most of the things we require for our everyday use, come out of factories where scientific principles are utilized for practical ends. Science has enabled man to bring forces of nature under control and to use them for his own advantage. It has brought the distant parts of the world close together. Our knowledge of the universe has been much widened on account of the untiring efforts of the astronomers like Jeans and Eddington. Remarkable cures of human diseases have been possible owing to the discovery of some wonderful medicines.

1. The main idea of the passage is
A) The impact of science can be felt in every sphere of life
B) Science is an anathema
C) Nothing is beyond the purview of science
D) Science can work miracles

2. The mode of approach is
A) logical      B) anatomical
C) descriptive      D) expository

3. What has enabled man to harness the forces of nature to the advantage of mankind?
A) arts      B) oratory
C) bravery      D) science

4. Science has proved a great boon for
A) scientists      B) artists
C) explorers      D) mankind

5. The most appropriate title for the passage will be
A) Science is a curse
B) Science, a great boon
C) Achievements of science
D) None of these

Answer Key

1. A 2. D 3. D 4. D 5. B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘A’. ANATHEMA = something that is strongly disliked or disapproved of; e.g.

For older employees, the new system is an anathema.

2. Option ‘D’. EXPOSITORY = explaining or describing something

5. Option ‘B’. BOON = something that is very helpful and improves the quality of life; e.g.

The route will be a boon to many travellers.

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