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Solved Comprehension Passage 29


“Science cannot reduce the magic of a sunset to arithmetic, nor can it express friendship with a formula” observed the eminent medical researcher, Dr Lous Orr. He added, “also beyond sciences mystery  of nature are love and laughter, pain and loneliness and insights into truth and beauty”. This distancing of science from the human condition perhaps explains why most foreign tourists visiting Britain flock predictably to see the hallowed homes of playwrights, writers and poets, but choose to ignore the habitations where its eminent scientists lived and worked.

1. Why is it that science cannot express friendship with a formula?
A) Science and friendship cannot co-exist.
B) It is abstract term which cannot be grappled by science.
C) Friendship is beyond science‘s mastery.
D) Friendship is unknown to scientists.

2. The word “magic” refers to
A) evening dusk
B) the sunrise
C) solar and lunar eclipse
D) setting of the sun, with all its beauty

3. Which of the following are beyond science’s reach, according to the passage?
A) Love and laughter, pain and loneliness
B) Derivation of a formula
C) Complexity of time and tide
D) Work of the mind

4. The verb ‘flock’ refers to
A) tourists in Britain
B) local people
C) large number of foreign tourists visiting homes of play wrights, writers, poets
D) Indian tourists

5. Why according to the author do tourists prefer to visit hallowed homes of playwright’s writer and poets rather than visiting the habitation of eminent scientists?
A) The houses of playwright and writers are well-decorated and are full of splendor.
B) Science cannot explain human emotions hence people have a soft corner for those who produce a splendid display of emotions in their work.
C) Scientists are loathsome.
D) Houses of scientists are untidy and not well-preserved.

Answer Key

1. C 2. D 3. A 4. C 5. B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ‘C’. Third line of the passage – also beyond sciences mastery of nature are love and laughter, pain and loneliness – includes FRIENDSHIP of course.

2. Option ‘D’. MAGIC also means a special and exciting quality that makes something seem different from  ordinary things; e.g.

No one could fail to be charmed by the magic of this beautiful city.

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