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What is a synonym?

Synonyms are different words which have the same or similar meanings. For example consider the word GOOD; this word has many synonyms like  fine, excellent, satisfactory, wonderful, superb, etc. They can be similar nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions.  Synonyms help to improve our selection of words, or choosing the best word to communicate effectively. Choosing the precise word is essential to writing well.  Also synonyms are necessary to avoid repeating the same word again and again.

Synonyms are crucial for choosing the perfect word. While some languages have only one word for one meaning, English uses a variety of words to convey a single meaning, each with its own unique and subtle distinction.

Now on we’re going to start posting practice sets based on synonyms so that you can get enough practice while giving answers to the questions based on synonyms. In this particular post we are giving you 5 sets of Synonyms Practice Sets. Hope they will make you feel comfortable while responding to the question based on synonyms what completive exam it may be.


1. Considerate
A) Agreeable B) Kind
C) Like-minded D) Thoughtful

2. Abundant
A) Insufficient B) Plentiful
C) Significant D) Vibrant

3. Impediment
A) Clear B) Ailment
C) Incapable D) Obstruction

4. Explicit
A) Clear B) Hidden
C) Cautious D) Exorbitant

5. Cordial
A) Smooth B) Friendly
C) Sophisticated D) Reserved

6. Coarse
A) Academic B) Grain
C) Rough D) Training

7. Sundry
A) Countless B) Plentiful
C) Certain D) Several

8. Magnificent
A) Regular B) Modest
C) Generous D) Splendid

9. Prosper
A) Cherish B) Promote
C) Thrive D) Retrogress

10. Reproof
A) Warning B) Ridicule
C) Rebuke D) Threat

11. Zealous
A) Ardent B) Patient
C) Furious D) Impatient

12. Sufficient
A) More B) Complete
C) Enough D) Less

13. Enigmatic
A) Magnetic B) Automatic
C) Speeding D) Puzzling

14. Surpass
A) Outdo B) Pass over
C) Overdo D) Pass by

15. Culmination
A) Anticlimax B) Climax
C) Abyss D) Cultivation

16. Reluctant
A) Unwilling B) Forego
C) Redundant D) Amendable

17. Sauntering
A) Running B) Brisk walking
C) Travelling D) Strolling

18. Vindictive
A) Imaginative B) Accusative
C) Spiteful D) Aggressive

19. Salient
A) Important B) Salt-like
C) Pleasing D) Satisfactory

20. Ravaged
A) Destroyed B) Yield
C) Conquered D) Mend

21. Relish
A) Realize B) Taste
C) Enjoy D) Reveal

22. Delirious
A) Delicious B) Pleasing
C) Desperate D) Excited

23. Benevolence
A) Ill-will B) Morbidity
C) Kindness D) Vision

24. Eternal
A) Innumerable B) Immeasurable
C) Prolonged D) Perpetual

25. Innuendo
A) Indicate B) Inspire
C) Remark D) Insinuate


1. D 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. C 7. D 8. D 9. C 10. C
11. A 12. C 13. D 14. A 15. B 16. A 17. D 18. C 19. A 20. A
21. C 22. D 23. C 24. D 25. D

Solution with explanation

2. Option ‘B’ (Plentiful). PLENTIFUL = If something is plentiful, there is a lot of it available; Mangoes are plentiful in the summer.

3. Option ‘D’ (Obstruction). OBSTRUCTION = to try to stop something from happening or developing; e.g.

He got five years in prison for withholding evidence and obstructing the course of justice.

5. Option ‘B’ (Friendly). FRIENDLY = behaving in a pleasant, kind way towards someone; e.g.

I’m on friendly terms with my daughter’s teacher.

6. Option ‘C’ (Rough). ROUGH = If a surface such as paper or skin is rough, it does not feel smooth when you touch it; e.g.

My hands get very rough in the cold.

7. Option ‘D’ (Several). SEVERAL = many different; e.g.

We had various problems on our journey,  including a flat tyre.

8. Option ‘D’ (Splendid). SPLENDID = excellent, or beautiful and impressive; e.g.

You  look splendid in that outfit.

9. Option ‘C’ (Thrive). THRIVE = to grow, develop, or be successful; e.g.

His business thrived in the years before the war.

10. Option ‘C’ (Rebuke). REPROOF is a noun which means ‘criticism’; its verb is REPROVE which means to criticize, or to tell someone that you disapprove of their bad or silly behaviour; e.g.

The teacher gently reproved the boys for not paying attention.

11. Option ‘A’ (Ardent). Someone who is zealous/ardent spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something that they believe in very strongly, especially a political or religious ideal; e.g.

She was a zealous worker for charitable bodies.

14. Option ‘A’ (Outdo). OUTDO = to be, or do something, better than someone else; e.g.

He always  tries to outdo everybody else in the class.

15. Option ‘B’ (Climax). CLIMAX = the most important or exciting point in a story or situation, especially when this happens near the end; e.g.

The election campaign reaches its climax next week.

17. Option ‘D’ (Strolling). STROLL = to walk in a slow, relaxed manner, especially for pleasure; e.g.

We could stroll along the beach after dinner.

18. Option ‘C’ (Spiteful). SPITEFUL = wanting to annoy, upset, or hurt another person, especially in a small way, because you feel angry towards them

24. Option ‘D’ (Perpetual). PERPETUAL = never ending

25. Option ‘D’ (Insinuate). INSINUATE = to suggest, without being direct, that something unpleasant is true; e.g.

Are you insinuating that I’m losing my nerve?

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