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1. He gave his tacit approval to the proposition.
A) full B) loud
C) clean D) implied

2. ln spite of hard work the farmers could only get a meagre yield.
A) satisfactory B) scanty
C) plenty        D) normal

3. He was exhilarated at the outcome of the election results.
A) satisfied B) surprised
C) disappointed        D) overjoyed

4. He was fired for negligence on duty.
A) relieved of his job B) scolded
C) rebuked    D) attacked

5. Democracy is not the standardising of everyone so as to obliterate all peculiarity.
A) demolish B) extinguish
C) erase          D) change

6. The convocation address was very edifying.
A) tedious B) in need of editing
C) instructive D) exciting

7. The American policy did much to escalate the conflict.
A) to spread in a wider area B) to scale up
C) to reduce in intensity D) to put an end to

8. Different races follow different modes of living.
A) ways B) customs
C) standards D) attitudes

9. Suraj does unpaid work for the charity school.
A) honourable B) honorary
C) honest D) honorific

10. I wrote to him as lately as last week.
A) late B) recently
C) early D) immediately

11. The data compiled by the organization was very useful.
A) analysed B) enclosed
C) collected D) published

12. She does not get her work done punctually and properly because she is always dawdling.
A) confused B) playing
C) loitering D) chit-chatting

13. There is no efficacious remedy to unemployment problems in a country which has no ideological convictions.
A) suitable B) proper
C) effective D) possible

14. Everybody laughed at the puerility of his statement.
A) inaccuracy B) childishness
C) insincerity D) falsehood

15. It is a scandal that the murderer was declared innocent.
A) rumour B) silly action
C) talk D) graceful action

16. There was always an imminent danger of the falling of that damaged roof.
A) constant B) impending
C) remote D) favourable

17. The sentiments expressed by him in the speech were odious.
A) significant B) hateful
C) admirable D) common

18. Everyone was listening to the news of earthquake with mounting anxiety.
A) interest B) eagerness
C) uneasiness D) curiosity

19. Pakistan has been vigorously pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons programme.
A) nefarious B) progressive
C) systematic D) secretive

20. His endeavours proved fruitful.
A) justified B) futile
C) efficient D) productive

21. He decided to accost a big financier for his new scheme.
A) employ B) consult
C) hire D) approach

22. Seeds need sufficient water and air to germinate.
A) grow B) reproduce
C) breed D) sprout

23. The cyclone had blown some of the cars on to funny places.
A) humorous B) irregular
C) unconventional D) odd

24. Her new glasses make her look rather owlish.
A) foolish B) solemn
C) stupid D) silly

25. He was sentenced to four year imprisonment.
A) acquitted B) punished
C) convicted D) assigned


1. D 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. A 6. C 7. B 8. A 9. B 10. B
11. C 12. C 13. C 14. B 15. A 16. B 17. B 18. C 19. D 20. D
21. D 22. D 23. A 24. B 25. B

Solution with explanation

1. Option ”D’ (implied). IMPLIED = if something is implied, it is understood to be true, although it is not stated directly or in a legal agreement; e.g. Some judges are of the opinion that there must be an express or implied agreement between the parties before the defence can operate.

2. Option ‘B’ (scanty). SCANTY = smaller in size or amount than is considered necessary or is hoped for

7. Option ‘B’ (to scale up). SCALE UP = to increase the size, amount, or importance of something, usually an organization or process; e.g. My company is scaling up its operations in India.

11. Option ‘C’ (collected). COMPILE = to collect information from different places and arrange it in a book, report, or list; e.g.

a) It took years to compile the dictionary.
b) She compiled a list of all the wine producers in the region.

12. Option ‘C’ (loitering). LOITERING = to go slowly, stopping often; e.g. Come straight home and don’t loiter, Sunita.

16. Option ‘B’ (impending). IMPENDING = used to refer to an event, usually something unpleasant or unwanted, that is going to happen soon; e.g.

The player announced his impending retirement  from international football.

17. Option ‘B’ (hateful). ODIOUS = extremely unpleasant and causing or deserving hate

20. Option ‘D’ (productive). ENDEAVOUR = an attempt to do something

22. Option ‘D’ (sprout). SPROUT = to produce leaves, hair, or other new developing parts to begin to grow; e.g. It takes about three days for the seeds to sprout.

24. Option ‘B’ (solemn). SOLEMN = serious and without any humour. OWLISH = A person who is owlish looks serious and intelligent and usually wears glasses; e.g. He was an owlish figure, sitting in the corner of the library.

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