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  1. Forswear
    A) Swear B) Oath
    C) Abuse D) Forsake
  2. Hoodwink
    A) Deceive B) Negate
    C) Upset D) Cover
  3. Profligate
    A) Talkative B) Intelligent
    C) Unconventional D) Wasteful
  4. Reproof
    A) Warning B) Ridicule
    C) Rebuke D) Threat
  5. Invigorating
    A) Vibrating B) Refreshing
    C) Exaggerated D) Accelerating
  6. Obsequious
    A) Defiant B) Dishonest
    C) Servile D) Honest
  7. Arduous
    A) Fervent B) Strong
    C) Enthusiastic D) Strenuous
  8. Lethargic
    A) Energetic B) Lazy
    C) Lethal D) Legal
  9. Revile
    A) Revive B) Review
    C) Abuse D) Reveal
  10. Impeccable
    A) Inoffensive B) Harmless
    C) Important D) Faultless
  11. Ominous
    A) Officious B) Pleasant
    C) Convenient D) Threatening
  12. Abortive
    A) Plentiful B) Lawful
    C) Unsuccessful D) Fruitful
  13. Masticate
    A) Chew B) Choke
    C) Bite D) Swallow
  14. Adversity
    A) Chance B) Capacity
    C) Joy D) Misfortune
  15. Anonymity
    A) Being Unknown B) Reputation
    C) Publicity D) Wrong Address
  16. Acute
    A) Drowsy B) Unpleasant
    C) Sharp         D) Dull
  17. Insolent
    A) Nervous B) Rude
    C) Proud D) Assertive
  18. Inspire
    A) Compel B) Persuade
    C) Infuse D) Encourage
  19. Penchant 
    A) Dislike B) Bias
    C) Hate D) Training
  20. Poignant
    A) Showy B) Sad
    C) Silly D) Snobbish
  21. Catalogue
    A) Menu B) Record
    C) List D) Pamphlet
  22. Overstrung
    A) Concerned B) Active
    C) Sensitive D) Energetic
  23. Gregarious
    A) Sociable B) Turbulent
    C) Pugnacious D) Clumsy
  24. Accost
    A) Hesitate B) Speculate
    C) Insult D) Address
  25. Defunct
    A) Active B) Clever
    C) Alive D) Extinct


1. D 2. A 3. D 4. C 5. B 6. C 7. D 8. B 9. C 10. D
11. D 12. C 13. A 14. D 15. A 16. C 17. B 18. D 19. B 20. B
21. C 22. C 23. A 24. D 25. D

Solution with explanation

4. Option ‘C’ (Rebuke). REPROOF is a noun which means ‘criticism’; its verb is REPROVE which means to criticize, or to tell someone that you disapprove of their bad or silly behaviour; e.g.

The teacher gently reproved the boys for not paying attention.

6. Option ‘C’ (Servile). OBSEQUIOUS = too eager to praise or obey someone; e.g.

She is embarrassingly obsequious to anyone in authority.

7. Option ‘D’ (Strenuous). ARDUOUS = difficult

23. Option ‘A’ (Sociable). SOCIABLE = who like to meet and spend time with other people; e.g.

a) Rahul’s very sociable – he likes parties.
b) I had a headache and I wasn’t feeling very sociable.

24. Option ‘D’ (Address). ACCOST = approach and address (someone) boldly or aggressively; e.g.

Reporters accosted him in the street.

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