What is Typing Software of SSC?

What type of software is there in the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) exams for the TYPING TEST & DEST?

QUERY: In the Data Entry Speed Test (DEST) for the post of Tax Assistant, and Data Entry Operator in the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), do we have to type in MS word or in other software application? Is back space allowed in that? the passage given will be hard copy or soft copy?

REPLY: This is their own software, which is already programmed for time-set, recognition of errors and measuring speed etc. But this is like WORD-PAD; means they give a certain printed (HARD COPY) passage that we have to type like the way we do in WORD-PAD. Backspace is allowed. In fact this is a very simple passage not containing much special characters. Errors in SSC’s typing software are not shown/underlined. But it’s not a big problem, if our typing speed is good it doesn’t matter much.

We are provided with a sheet of printed passage in this method and one has to type accordingly The matter of the passage is running matter, means there are not much special characters or figures in the passage. Making corrections is allowed, but they are not underlined like MS word.

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